Google Workspace Mail Management Quiz Answers

Get All Weeks Google Workspace Mail Management Quiz Answers

Google Workspace Mail Management Week 01 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Domain Name System (DNS) records

Q1. Which type of DNS record determines where mail destined for your domain is routed?

MX Record

Q2. What are common uses for a DNS TXT record when using Google Workspace? (Choose 2)

1.Domain verification
2.Email security records

Q3. In general, from where would you manage your domain’s DNS records?

In your domain registrar console

Q4. You need to make a change to your MX records and you want the change to be implemented as soon as possible. What approach can you take?

Make the change in your DNS console and reduce the Time to Live (TTL) value to 1 hour. Once the change has been implemented revert the TTL value to 24 hours

Quiz 2: Enhancing email security Quiz Answers

Q1. What is the main purpose of a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record?

It specifies which servers/domains can send messages on your behalf

Q2. You have been asked to implement DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) for your organization. How would you do this?

Generate a DKIM record from Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Authenticate email. Add the record to your DNS records and then start authentication from the admin console

Q3. What policy defines what to do if an incoming message is not authenticated?


Q4. DKIM adds an encrypted signature to the header of all outgoing messages. What happens if you don’t turn on email signing with your own domain DKIM key?

Gmail signs all outgoing messages with this default DKIM domain key d=*

Gmail signs all outgoing messages with a temporary key generated for your domain

Quiz 3: Email safety and end-user access Quiz Answers

Q1. The attachment section in the Gmail Safety settings page allows you to protect against malicious attachments. What actions can you perform on a suspicious attachment? (Choose 2)

Keep email in inbox and show warning

Move email to spam

Q2. What are valid reasons for allowing per-user outbound gateways in your organization? (Choose 2)

1.An outbound gateway can prevent the appearance of “on behalf of” addresses in the From field
2.An outbound gateway ensures that the same mail server delivers all messages from otherdomain and that server has a record that the mail has been sent

Q3. Google recommends against the use of the Image URL proxy whitelist?


Q4. You have enabled protection against anomalous attachment types in emails from the Gmail > Safety page but you are finding some emails with valid attachment types are not being delivered. How can you resolve this?

Add a whitelist of allowable file types to the entry in the Attachments section on the Safety page

Quiz 4: Preventing of spam, phishing, and malware Quiz Answers

Q1. Messages from a single person that you trust are being marked as spam by Gmail. What approach is best to ensure that these messages reach the intended recipients inboxes?

Add a spam setting which bypasses spam filters for messages received from addresses within an approved senders list. Add the user’s email address to the list

Q2. Which of the following are reasons to use an inbound gateway? (Choose 2)

Spam filtering

Message archiving

Q3. Your organization has been receiving unwanted emails from another organization and attempts by you to get the organization to stop sending the emails have failed. How can you stop messages from this organization from reaching your users?

Configure a blocked senders list and add the domain name to the list

Quiz 5: Compliance Quiz Answers

Q1. In which type of compliance control can you apply a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rule for Gmail?

Content compliance

Q2. What actions can an administrator perform on a quarantined message? (Choose 2)


Q3. Which statements are true for an objectionable content rule? (Choose 2)

In an objectionable content setting you create word lists for filtering for objectionable content

Q4. You want to prevent your users from receiving mail from What is the best way to achieve this?

Add to a blocked senders list

Quiz 6: Mail Routing Quiz Answers

Q1. Which mail delivery scheme allows messages to be delivered to multiple mailboxes?

Dual delivery

Q2. Which features in Google Workspace can be used to leverage Google’s spam protection for users who are on a non-Gmail mail platform? (Choose 2)

Non-Gmail mailbox

SMTP Relay service

Q3. What advantages does a routing setting have over an outbound gateway when you need to route mail through an external mail server?

A routing setting can be applied at an OU level

A routing setting can be applied to specific senders and recipients

Address lists can be used to control or bypass a routing setting

Q4. What must you define before you can change the route in a routing setting?

A mail host
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