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Week 01: Google Calendar Coursera Quiz Answers

Calendar walkthrough Quiz Answers

Q1. Thomas Omar has two lists of calendars – his primary calendar and a secondary calendar known as his “other calendar”. Which of the following would appear in his primary calendar? Select all that apply.

  • Calendar events he has created personally
  • Calendar events that he has been invited to attend
  • Calendars listing sports events
  • Calendars he has subscribed to off the Internet

Q2. Seroja Malone wants to set up a Google Meet event with Anthony Dylan for next Friday. Which of the following buttons should she select in her Google Calendar?

  • Create
  • Mini Calendar
  • Search
  • Support

Manage Google Calendar Quiz Answers

Q1. Seroja Malone wants to set up an event with Anthony Dylan and Sherrie West. The group will meet every 6 weeks for an undetermined period of time. Which of the following should Seroja do? Select all that apply.

  • Select Create
  • Choose the meeting start and end time
  • Select Custom recurrence
  • Invite Anthony and Sherrie as participants

Q2. Anthony Dylan uses a Public visibility Google Calendar. His sharing permission is set to “See Only Free/Busy”. Thomas Omar wants to schedule a meeting with Anthony. What will he see when he checks Anthony’s Google calendar?

  • Anthony’s events will show as “busy”
  • None of Anthony’s events will be visible
  • Thomas Omar will be able to see all Anthony’s event details
  • Thomas Omar will need to request permission to view Anthony’s Google calendar

Respond to and manage events Quiz Answers

Q1. Seroja Malone sends Sherrie West a Google Calendar event invitation for next Thursday at 2pm. Sherrie accepts, but later realizes she has a conflict and that next Friday at 9am would be more convenient. What is the easiest way she can reschedule?

  • Sherrie can change her RSVP response to “No”, then send an email so Seroja can create a new event next Friday at 9 am
  • Sherrie can delete the event from her Google Calendar and create a new Google Calendar event for next Friday at 9 am
  • Sherrie can open her RSVP response, select Add a Note, and write that next Friday at 9 a.m. works better
  • Sherrie can change her response to “No”, select Propose a new time and select Next Friday at 9 am

Q2. On the Rise store owner Yousef Amadi recently planned a team meeting on Google Meet, but then decided to delete the event. He has now changed his mind and wants to hold the meeting. How can he restore the event?

  • Select the Settings menu, then Trash, then select the event, and choose Restore all selected
  • Select Settings for my calendars, then select Deleted, and choose Restore all selected
  • Right-click on the calendar grid and select View deleted events
  • Select Optionsfor the calendar, select Settings and sharing, and scroll to Trash

Other event types Quiz Answers

Q1. Kaina Gao will be out of office next week but has new marketing assets that she needs to distribute during the head office meeting the following Monday. What is the most effective way to ensure that she completes this task?

  • She can create a Reminder for Monday
  • She can set her event notification for every 12 hours
  • She can set her calendar notifications for every hour
  • She can set her Out of Office until when she needs to complete the task

Q2. As head of Product Distribution and Operations, Anthony Dylan frequently spends time meeting with On the Rise suppliers and distributors. How can Anthony set up his Google Calendar so suppliers can easily reserve blocks of time in which to meet with him?

  • Anthony can create Appointment slots
  • Anthony can enable Reminders
  • Anthony can enable Tasks
  • Anthony can enable Events

Customize Google Calendar Quiz Answers

Q1. Kaina Gao sends Sherrie West a Gmail message inviting her to an On the Rise Google Meet next Thursday. What does Sherrie need to do in order to add this event to her Google Calendar?

  • Right-click on Kaina Gao’s Gmail message and select Add to Google Calendar
  • Nothing. The event will automatically populate in her Google Calendar
  • Select Calendar Settings, choose Gmail integration, then select Add
  • Select Event Settings in Google Calendar and change the default to Automatically add invitations

Q2. Seroja Malone wants to schedule a Google Meet with a cinnamon supplier in Italy. How can she set up her Google Calendar in order to easily work across time zones?

  • She can go to her Google Calendar Settings, select Display Secondary Time Zone, and select Italy. She can then compare it with her primary time zone
  • She can go to her Google Calendar Settings, select Enable Time Zone Notifications, and select Italy. She can then compare it with her primary time zone
  • She can go to her Calendar Settings and change the default time zone to Italy. She can then compare it with her primary time zone
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