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Week 01: Google Drive Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01: Introduction to Google Drive

Q1. Anthony Dylan has an On the Rise folder saved in his My Drive. He decides to invite Sherrie West and Seroja Malone to access the folder. Who now owns the content found in the folder?

The group

Q2. Sherrie West has On the Rise employee files saved in her My Drive. What can she as the owner do with these files? Select all that apply.

1.She can move the files
2.She can add collaborators
3.She can share a file link
4.She can delete the files and restore them from the trash

Quiz 02: Share with Google Drive

Q1. Seroja Malone gives her head baker access to the “French baguette” file. She assigns the baker as an Editor. Which of the following can he do? Select all that apply.

1.He can edit the file
2.He can view the file

Q2. Seroja Malone has just added the file “French baguette” to her On the Rise recipes folder, stored in her My Drive. Sherrie West has Viewer permissions to the folder. What can she do to the “French baguette” file?

She can view the file

Quiz 03: My Drive

Q1. Sherrie West needs to search for an On the Rise Google Sheet in her My Drive. Unfortunately, she can’t remember the name of the file. What are some ways she can narrow her search? Select all that apply.

1.She can manually search by content type
2.She can select Advanced Search and choose a date range
3.She can right-click on the folder where the file is stored and select Search within

Q2. Kaina Gao, Global Marketing and Sales recently attended an international conference about top trends in the bakery industry. She wants to create a new folder in her My Drive where she can store all the conference handouts and her personal notes. How does she do this? Select all that apply.

Open Drive, select the My Drive label, right-click on an open spot in the file list, and select New folder from the menu

Q3. Kaina Gao is working on a new file called “Bakery Trends”, located in her My Drive “OTR Marketing” folder. How can she add a shortcut back to her “Conference Notes” folder in her My Drive?

She can select New, then select Shortcut

Quiz 04: Shared drives

Q1. Sherrie West has just created a new file named “On the Rise employee onboarding”. Thomas asks Sherrie to move the file to the On the Rise shared drive as opposed to keeping it in her My Drive. Why might Thomas ask this? Select all that apply.

1.This way the file is available even if Sherrie leaves the company
2.It’s necessary because the file can’t be shared with the team from My Drive

Q2. There is a folder in the On the Rise shared drive called “Conference material”. This folder is full of old files that are no longer used. How can Thomas Omar delete these files from the shared drive? Select all that apply.

He can’t delete files from a shared drive

Q3. Sherrie West is a member of many shared drives. How can she set up her Google drive to only see the ones that she uses most often?

Select Manage Drives, then select the shared drives she wishes to hide

Quiz 05: Templates

Q1. Seroja Malone would like to use the “On the Rise’ Google Docs template created by Sherrie West. What does she need to do?

Have Sherrie share the link to the original doc with her

Q2. Sherrie West often needs to list On the Rise job postings. She creates these files in Google Docs and likes them to have the same style. How can she create a template that she can easily re-use?

Create a Google Doc OTR Job Posting to use as the template, then open the template gallery for Google Docs, select On the Rise, then choose Submit template

Quiz 06: Google Drive tools and options

Q1. Seroja Malone is traveling and knows she won’t have an active internet connection. She is working on a Google Sheet named “Ingredient list”. How can she make this file available for offline viewing?

She can go to her Google Drive settings, find the “Ingredient list” file and select Available offline
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