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Week 01: Google Docs Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 01: Introduction to Google Docs

Q1. Sherrie West has been speaking with the On the Rise Leadership Team and would like to draft a project proposal. She knows similar company docs already exist. What should she do?

  • Go to and select Blank
  • Type into the browser and select New
  • Start a new document from a template and select a proposal template from her organization

Q2. Seroja Malone has a series of recipes that she’d like to share with the On the Rise team. These files are currently Microsoft Word documents. What is one way for Seroja to turn them into Google Docs?

  • Upload the Word docs to her Google Drive, select Open with Google Docs, select File,and Save as Google Docs
  • Re-type the content in Google Docs
  • Open Google Docs, then select Insert, then select From Word Doc

Quiz 02: Compose a Google Doc

Q1. On the Rise partner owner, Seroja Malone is traveling to Italy to meet with a new cinnamon supplier. Seroja wants to ensure she can work on her Google Doc for the duration of her flight. How can she check that the file is available for offline access?

  • She can select See document status
  • She can select Page Setup
  • She can select the Format menu
  • She can select Always on from the document’s preferences

Q2. On the Rise partner owner, Thomas Omar has completed a Google Doc and would now like to move it from his personal drive to the team shared drive. What is one way he can move the Doc?

  • Select the Move icon
  • Drag the Doc to the edge of the screen
  • Email to the shared drive address
  • Select File > Make a copy

Q3. Sherrie West is working on an important Google Doc. She decides she’d like to make it easily available by adding it to her starred label. What does she need to do?

  • Select the Star icon next to the Share button
  • Select the Star icon next to Google chat
  • Select the Star icon in the top right corner
  • Select the Star icon next to the document title

Quiz 03: Enhance your Google Docs

Q1. Sherrie West is head of HR and Employee Development at On the Rise. She is developing a Google Doc training manual for new employees. Sherrie would like to make this Doc easy to navigate by adding a table of contents. What two things must she do to set this up?

  • Use heading styles in her document
  • User footers in her document
  • Insert a table of contents in her document

Q2. Sherrie wants to make sure readers can easily move around the training document. She decides to add bookmarks to key sections. How does she create her bookmarks?

  • She needs to select the text she wishes to bookmark and select Add link
  • She needs to select the text she wishes to bookmark and select Insert, then Bookmark
  • She needs to select the text she wishes to bookmark and select Bookmark
  • She needs to select the text she wishes to bookmark and select Insert, then Add link.

Q3. Sherrie decides to add a Chart that is linked to a survey she has recently shared with the On the Rise team via Google Forms. How can Sherrie ensure the chart in the Google Doc stays up to date as team members complete the survey?

  • The chart in Google Docs is integrated with Google Sheets and will automatically update
  • Insert the chart again after each major update
  • Copy the data from the Sheet to a table in the Doc
  • Share the Doc with each team member for updates

Quiz 04: Share your Google Docs

Q1. Seroja Malone has just created a Google Doc featuring a new cinnamon bun recipe. She shares this Doc with On the Rise store owner Yousef Amadi. She’d like him to be able to download and print the file, but not make any changes. What type of collaborator role should she assign him?

  • Owner
  • Editor
  • Viewer
  • Suggester

Q2. Sherrie West has just completed a Google Doc that will serve as a new hire training manual. She would now like to transfer Doc ownership to On the Rise partner-owner Thomas Omar who is already an editor of the document. What does she need to do?

  • Email Thomas the link to the Doc
  • Edit the link to the Doc by adding /owner=Tomar
  • Select Share and remove herself as an Editor
  • Select Share, and choose Editor to the right of Thomas Omar, then Make the owner

Q3. Thomas Omar makes some changes in the new hire training document but later decides he’d like to return to the version shared by Sherrie. What does he need to do?

  • Check his email for the older version
  • Ask his IT person to restore a backup of the Doc
  • Select File, then Version History, then See Version History, choose the version from the correct point in time, and then select Restore this version
  • Go to Trash and restore the older version

Quiz 05: Collaborate with Google Docs

Q1. Kaina Gao would like to assign an action item to Anthony Dylan. What does she need to do? Select all that apply.

  • +Anthony[email protected], then check Assign to Anthony Dylan
  • @[email protected], then check Assign to Anthony Dylan
  • %AnthonyDylan, then check Assign to Anthony Dylan
  • Send Anthony Dylan the Google Doc link, then check Assign to Anthony Dylan

Q2. Kaina Gao is working on a Google Doc about new bakery trends. She’d like to leave a comment on a chart found on Page 2 of the document. What does she need to do?

  • Place her cursor on the chart, select Add a comment, type her comment, and select Comment
  • Place her cursor on Page 2, select Add a comment, type her comment, and select Comment
  • Place her cursor on the chart, select Link to comment, type her comment, and select Comment
  • Select Share, select Add a comment, type her comment, and select Comment

Q3. Anthony is working on the Google Doc when he notices that Kaina Gao is online as well. Anthony would like clarification regarding a few comments that Kaina Gao has left him. What is the best way for Anthony to collaborate with Kaina Gao?

  • Send Kaina Gao a Gmail message with his question
  • Send Kaina Gao a dynamic email using Gmail
  • Use Google Chat to message her directly in the Google Doc
  • Reply to each comment directly in the Google Doc

Quiz 06: Google Docs tools

Q1. Sherrie West has recently received a new version of the OTR new hire training manual from Thomas Omar. Unfortunately, rather than updating the original, Thomas has made his updates directly in a new Google Doc. How can Sherrie easily compare this new version with the version she sent him last week?

  • She can use the Compare Documents feature
  • She can use the Restore version feature
  • She can browse the File version history
  • She can use the Suggestion feature
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