Google Meet and Google Chat Coursera Quiz Answers

Get All Weeks Google Meet and Google Chat Coursera Quiz Answers

In this course, we will introduce you to Google Meet and Google Chat, Google’s video conference and chat software included with Google Workspace.

You will learn how to create and manage video conference meetings using Google Meet. You will also explore how to use Google Chat for simple one-to-one and small group conversations, and how Chat rooms are used in Google Chat to better collaborate with others.

You will step into the Google Meet environment so that you become familiar with the different ways you can open Google Meet and add people to a video conference. We will also look at how to join a meeting from different sources such as a calendar event or meeting link. You will learn how Google Meet can help you better communicate, exchange ideas, and share resources with your team wherever they are.

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Week 01: Google Meet and Google Chat Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Google Meet

Q1. Yousef Amadi is a store owner located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He receives a Google Meet video invitation from Anthony, but knows he will be out of office. He decides he will still try to join by dialing in. What does he need to do? Select all that apply.

  • Open Calendar to see the Google Meet event information
  • Dial in using the Google Meet phone number
  • Enter the PIN
  • In Gmail, click Start a meeting

Q2. Sherrie West, head of HR and Employee Development at On the Rise receives a Google Meet event email from Thomas. How can she join? Select all that apply.

  • Open the Google Meet link in the email
  • Enter the Google Meet link into the address bar of her browser
  • Reply to the invite by clicking Yes
  • In Gmail, click Start a meeting

Q3. While the Google Meet video conference is in progress, Thomas wants to invite his wife, Seroja. What are some ways he can add her to the call? Select all that apply.

  • Select the browser URL, copy it, and send it to Seroja by email
  • Click Meeting details, copy the joining info, and email it to Seroja
  • Click Add people, type her email address, and click Send email
  • Click Add people, enter Seroja’s phone number and click the Telephone icon

Quiz 2: Collaborate in Google Meet

Q1. Kaina Gao is head of Global Marketing at On the Rise. She organizes a Google Meet video call but realizes her audio isn’t working. What steps should she take to investigate this issue? Select all that apply.

  • Click More Options and check if her microphone is set to her device’s defaults
  • Plug her phone into her computer
  • Use CTRL/CMD+M to unmute her mic
  • Speak into her microphone and ensure that three green bars appear in response to her voice

Q2. During the video conference, Kaina Gao wants to access some of the marketing resources that are attached to the meeting’s calendar event. What should she do?

  • Click Meeting details, then click Attachments
  • Open the attachments in the Google Meet invite in her Inbox
  • Select the link in the chat panel
  • Open the Google Meet link in Google Drive

Q3. Many participants have joined the video conference. Kaina Gao wants to check that Thomas is on the call. How can she view a list of current participants?

  • Click People
  • Open the chat panel to view messages from her guests
  • Check her Calendar to view the guest list
  • Click Meeting details to open the attendee list

Quiz 3: Managing Google Chat

Q1. Sherrie, head of HR and Employee Development is active in many direct and group conversations. She notes that one group conversation hasn’t been active in six months and decides she wants to hide it from view. What does she need to do?

  • Unfollow the conversation
  • Add the label “Hidden” to the conversation
  • Remove the star from the conversation
  • Select the group conversation, click More, then select Hide Conversation

Q2. Sherrie, head of HR and Employee Development is part of many conversations. She decides to hide the least active ones. A few days later, a store employee messages Sherrie from the hidden group chat. What does she need to do in order to see the message?

  • Nothing – the conversation automatically becomes active again and the chat history will reappear
  • She needs to search for the conversation by the employee’s name
  • She needs to search for the conversation by using @hidden
  • Nothing – the conversation can’t be seen again

Q3. As co-owner at On the Rise, Seroja is a member of many Google Chat groups. Her store owner group is very active, however Seroja rarely needs to participate.

How can Seroja disable notifications for that particular conversation?

Select the correct response.

  • She can click More, then select Turn off notifications
  • She can click Settings and delete the notifications option
  • She can click More, then select Mute conversation
  • She cannot disable notifications for conversations

Quiz 4: Chat rooms

Q1. Yousef is an On the Rise store owner located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He and other On the Rise store owners like to frequently communicate in order to share and store their collective knowledge. What is the best way for them to communicate their shared learning?

  • A Google Chat direct message
  • A Google Chat room
  • An email message
  • A Google Meet

Q2. Store owners use a chat room to discuss new recipes. Yousef sees a thread about possible changes to cinnamon buns and wants to receive notifications whenever there is new activity. What does he need to do?

  • Point at the thread and select Star
  • Turn on notifications in Gmail settings
  • Download the mobile app to his phone
  • Point at the thread and select Follow

Q3. Gustavo Amparo is a new hire located in Manila, the Philippines. He has been invited to the Best Practices room and wants to join other On the Rise rooms as well. Which of the following are TRUE? Select all that apply.

  • He can browse existing rooms by selecting Preview rooms
  • He can join the Best Practices room by selecting Find people, rooms, bots, then Browse rooms, then Add
  • The Best Practices room will appear at the top of the “Browse rooms” list
  • He can preview rooms and read existing conversations

Quiz 5: Collaborate in Google Chat

Q1. Anthony starts a direct Google Chat with Sherrie. She mentions some technological improvements that Head Office intends to implement at the store level. Anthony wants to retain a few of her messages for quick reference in the future. What should he do?

  • Click Save to save the messages in Google Chat
  • Star the Google Chat conversation
  • Click Take a screenshot in Google Chat
  • Click Forward to inbox in Google Chat

Q2. A few weeks later, Sherrie wants to find a thread in which Thomas tagged her and uploaded a PDF on labeling systems. What are some ways she can quickly find what she needs? Select all that apply.

  • Search by person (Thomas Omar)
  • Search by @mention (Sherrie West)
  • Search by file type (PDF Labeling System)

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