Leadership focused on Human Flourishing Week 01 Quiz Answers

Get Leadership Focused on Human Flourishing Week 01 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Self-evaluation

Q1. According to the World Economic Forum in its 2015 edition, what is one of the most important challenges of our society?

  • A. The lack of entrepreneurs with economic vision.
  • B. The lack of leaders facing the new challenges of society.
  • C. The lack of human resources trained in decision-making.

Q2. The arrival of the modern economy and the knowledge society and the impact of the so-called Industry 4.0 highlights the importance of approaches such as the need to “reinvent management,” mainly because traditional models have increased efficiency in regard to the competitiveness objectives and sustainability of companies.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Q3. What should be the main objective of the organizations?

  • A. Train their human capital on issues related to business and effective decision-making.
  • B. Continue to strengthen their organizational structure.
  • C. Contribute to the optimal functioning of the people who make them up.

Quiz 2: Self-evaluation

Q1. This term represents a change in which happiness passes from being identified as a one-dimensional variable, to a new version in which happiness is seen as a multivariable construct.

  • A. Hope
  • B. Flourishing
  • C. Gratitude

Q2. It’s the identification and cultivation of the most important strengths of a person and their daily use in work, love, leisure, and parenting.

  • A. Happiness
  • B. Success
  • C. Creativity

Q3. Focusing on human flourishing has a positive impact on health, the ability to develop personal relationships, and on performance in school, sports and work.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Quiz 4: Evaluation of Topic 1

Q1. Which of the following elements is NOT one of the three pillars of happiness according to the Seligman model?

  • A. The comfortable life
  • B. The pleasant life.
  • C. The engaged life.
  • D. The meaningful life.

Q2. What are the five elements of Seligman’s well-being theory?

  • A. Positive emotions, responsibility, positive relationships, outstanding, focus on achievement.
  • B. Positive vision, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, focus on achievement.
  • C. Positivity, resilience, positive relationships, meaning, focus on achievement.
  • D. Positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, focus on achievement.

Q3. According to Aristotle, what is the way to achieve happiness?

  • A. Satisfy our desires.
  • B. Live according to our own virtues.
  • C. Accumulate wealth.
  • D. Offer daily sacrifices.

Q4. What is the crucial element of differentiation and engine of development in the “human age”?

  • A. Capital
  • B. Talent
  • C. Process
  • D. Global context

Q5. What is the definition of self-efficacy?

  • A. The ability to overcome and even improve from adversity, conflict, failure, or even in cases of positive events, progress, and increased responsibility.
  • B. An explanatory style view of reality that interprets positive events as personal, permanent, and general, and negative events as external, temporary, and specific.
  • C. A positive motivational state that is based on an interactively derived sense of success from the energy to pursue goals and the planning to achieve them.
  • D. Confidence in the skills that create motivation, cognitive resources, and action plans required to perform a specific task within a context successfully.
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