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Managing Google Workspace is the second course in the Google Workspace Administration series.

This course focuses on the Google Workspace core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive & Docs. You will become familiar with the various service settings, and learn how to enable them for all or just a subset of your users. You will gain an understanding of Google Vault, Google’s discovery service.

You will understand the various admin console reports that are available and be able to search and filter the information in these reports. Finally, you will see how multiple domains can be used with Google Workspace and learn how to add a new domain to your account.

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Managing Google Workspace Coursera Quiz Answers

Week 1 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Google Workspace Services Overview

Q1. For a domain that has implemented an organizational hierarchy, at what levels can Google Workspace services such as Sites and Gmail be turned on AND off? (Choose 2)

  • At the group level
  • At the organization level
  • At the OU level
  • At the individual level
  • At the domain level

Q2. Which four of these apps are Google Workspace core services that are covered in the Google Workspace Terms of Service? (Choose 4)

  • Google Drive
  • Sites
  • Google Calendar
  • Currents
  • Blogger

Q3. What is the correct pathway in the admin console to getting to Google Workspace core services list?

  • Admin Console > Apps > Additional Google services
  • Admin Console > Apps > Marketplace apps
  • Admin Console > Apps > Google Workspace
  • Admin Console > Apps > SAML apps

Q4. All Additional Google services are turned ON by default.

  • True
  • False

Quiz 2: Gmail Quiz Answers

Q1. Which of the following settings cannot be set from the Gmail service settings?

  • Allow users to set Gmail themes
  • Default language
  • Allow users to delegate access to their mailbox
  • Name format

Q2. Which of these settings are controlled by the users from their Gmail settings? (Choose 2)

  • Display language for the Gmail interface
  • Name format (eg. First, Last)
  • Create a personal email alias
  • Add POP3 accounts to the user’s inbox

Q3. Which of the following actions can be taken on a message when an attachment compliance rule is matched? (Choose 3)

  • Modify message
  • Deliver message
  • Reject message
  • Quarantine message

Quiz 3: Calendar Quiz Answers

Q1. Which Calendar settings can an administrator control for everyone in the organization? (Choose 2)

  • Highest level of external sharing for primary calendars
  • Time zone selections for calendar display
  • Default level of internal sharing for primary calendars
  • Calendar delegation to other users
  • Access to individual calendar labs

Q2. What are Calendar Resources? (Choose 2)

  • Calendar dates
  • Contacts
  • Bookable equipment
  • Bookable conference rooms

Q3. What can users control when it comes to their Calendar?

  • Users control what they share externally from their primary calendar
  • Users can create their own resources
  • Users control what they share externally from their secondary calendars
  • Users control what they share internally

Q4. What are recommended to be configured before adding resources to the organization? (Choose 2)

  • Features
  • Locations
  • Buildings
  • Groups to provide access to each resource

Quiz 4: Drive and Docs Quiz Answers

Q1. Your company wants to adopt the policy that new documents will be shared internally with everyone in the company. This way users won’t have to explicitly share new documents with others. What’s the recommended way to set this up?

  • Change Link Sharing Defaults to “ON – Primary target audience with the link”
  • Have users save their docs to a shared drive that everyone belongs to
  • Have users save their docs to a Google Group that everyone belongs to
  • Have users save their docs to a My Drive folder that is shared with everyone

Q2. Your company allows external sharing of documents but your CEO is concerned about how documents are shared externally. As the administrator, which additional protections might you put in place? (Choose 2)

  • Ensure users are only allowed to share with users in the global directory.
  • Require a Google sign in when viewing a shared file
  • Enable the feature that warns users when sharing outside the organization
  • Allow users to share publicly

Q3. A user left your company last month and you deleted their Google Workspace account 15 days ago. You have been contacted as the administrator and asked if you can recover the deleted user’s documents, What should do?

  • Advise the requester that you cannot restore a deleted user’s files.
  • Restore the files from the deleted user’s account
  • Advise the requestor that 14 days after account deletion, all data is purged so you cannot recover any documents
  • Restore the user, transfer the files to a new owner, and delete the user again.

Q4. From which places can you transfer file ownership from one user to another? (Choose 2)

  • The user’s profile in the admin console
  • When deleting a user from the admin console
  • From the Drive and Docs service settings page
  • From the user’s My Drive folder

Q5. What actions can you take as administrator from the Managed shared drives area in the admin console? (Choose 3)

  • Restore a deleted drive or files
  • Delete a shared drive
  • View drive contents
  • Manage shared drive sharing settings
  • Manage members

Quiz 5: Device Management Quiz Answers

Q1. What icon do you click on the admin console in order to access the Google Device Management toolset?

  • Company profile
  • Apps
  • Mobile Management
  • Devices

Q2. Which of the following features are only available in advanced management? (Choose 2)

  • Android app management
  • Device approvals
  • Android work profiles
  • Remote account wipe

Q3. An end user in your organization has lost their device. This is a personal device with a work profile. Based on this training, what would be your next step?

  • Ask the user where they think they lost the device, and wait for them to find it
  • Immediately get your user a new mobile device
  • Wipe the device to remove the user’s work profile
  • Suspend the user

Q4. How can you automatically manage a device that falls out of compliance with your organization’s policies?

  • Add a data loss prevention (DLP) rule
  • Add a device management rule
  • Add a compliance rule
  • None of the above

Quiz 6: Google Vault Quiz Answers

Q1. What data types are supported by Vault? (Choose 3)

  • Blogs
  • Groups
  • Drive
  • Contacts
  • Meet

Q2. When is a default retention rule applied to a message or a file?

  • Always, default retention rules take precedence over custom retention rules and holds
  • Only when there are no applicable custom retention rules or holds in place
  • Always unless the user is on hold
  • Always unless a custom retention rule applies

Q3. What constraints/filters are available in the search form? (Choose 3)

  • Data Type (Mail, Drive etc)
  • Domain
  • Organizational Unit (OU)
  • Specific Accounts

Q4. How long are export files available for download?

  • Indefinitely
  • 30 days
  • 15 days
  • Until the matter is closed

Quiz 7: Reporting Quiz Answers

Q1. What information can you find on the main report (the highlights) page? (Choose 3)

  • Apps usage
  • Users account status
  • Admin account status
  • External file sharing

Q2. Your IT manager would like to know what changes have been made to your Google Workspace organizations settings. Where would you find this information?

  • Admin audit log
  • Refer to the audit log for each service and build an aggregated report
  • Use a BigQuery export

Q3. What is editable in a System Defined Rule.

  • Scope
  • Condition
  • Actions
  • None of the above

Quiz 8: Domain Management Quiz Answers

Q1. Your organization has just purchased another company that has their own domain. They will be using Google Workspace and you want them to be able to continue receiving email to their existing address. What approach would you take?

  • Add the new domain as a domain alias to your Google Workspace account.
  • Add the new domain as a subdomain to your Google Workspace account
  • Add the new domain as a new (secondary) domain to your Google Workspace account.
  • Create a new Google Workspace account and add the domain as the primary domain for that account.

Q2. Your company regularly works with another company that also uses Google Workspace and you wish to make it easier for users to collaborate using Drive. What action would you take?

  • Add their domain name to your list of trusted domains
  • Create a domain alias using their domain name in your Google Workspace account
  • Add their primary domain, subdomains and any aliases to your list of trusted domains
  • Add their primary domain to your list of whitelisted domains

Q3. Which of the following are true about a domain alias? (Choose 2)

  • Domain aliases require additional Google Workspace licenses
  • Domain aliases do not require additional Google Workspace licenses
  • Domain aliases can be applied to the primary and any secondary domains from the admin console
  • Domain aliases can only be applied to the primary domain from the admin console
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