Business Transformation with Google Cloud Coursera Quiz Answers

Get All Weeks Business Transformation with Google Cloud Coursera Quiz Answers

Week 01: Business Transformation with Google Cloud Coursera Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Module 1

Q1. The printing press is an example of an invention that fueled an innovation wave. Electricity is another. What is uniquely common between all inventions that have fueled innovation waves?

Select the correct answer.

  • They have transformed global travel networks
  • They have transformed both supply and demand
  • They have transformed our leisure time activities
  • They have transformed the way we communicate

Q2. The “burning platform” effect describes the danger for an organization that keeps the technology it has always used to perfect what it has always done, instead of jumping on to a new technology platform. Which of these businesses stayed on the “burning platform” and failed to adapt as breakthrough technology became available?

Select the correct answer.

  • Apparel retailing stores
  • Game designers
  • Music playing devices
  • Video rental stores

Q3. Annabelle owns a successful retail business that is currently expanding and in the process of moving its organization to the cloud. Her company needs to combine their data with __________ to gain access to the “superpowers” of cloud. Select the correct answer to fill in the blank.

  • A global customer base
  • A customer-facing online presence
  • A vast compute power
  • A large data analytics team

Q4. A government has set up a disease surveillance organization in order to monitor the spread of epidemics with the aim of ultimately improving the health of its population. The organization is considering the cloud “superpower” of PERCEPTION to help with this mission. Which of the following cloud superpowers use cases describes the application of PERCEPTION?

Select the correct answer.

  • Notifying vulnerable customers to get their vaccinations at the start of the influenza season
  • Mapping the spread of the influenza virus through vulnerable populations
  • Helping the customer support team decide what advice to give a concerned customer
  • Forecasting likely directions of spread of the influenza virus in the following months

Q5. Manuel is a biological research scientist. He has used a drone to capture multiple photos of a wetland area. He could manually go through them to try to identify what species of plants and animals are in each area, but instead, he will use machine learning and the cloud to help him sort this data. Which of the cloud “superpowers” is Manuel primarily using in this case?

Select the correct answer.

  • Collaboration
  • Perception
  • Categorization
  • Recommendation
  • Prediction

Q6. A government has set up a department, called Air Quality Control (AQC) to monitor the air pollution in their major cities and develop improvement programs. The AQC department recently learned that they can use the superpower of “PREDICTION” with cloud technology. Which of the following activities best describes the superpower of “PREDICTION” in this scenario?

Select the correct answer.

  • Forecasting how multiple initiatives will impact air pollution levels
  • Finding the most heavily congested roads using aerial images
  • Investigating which medical conditions are affected by increased air pollution
  • Recommending which times and places that face masks should be worn

Q7. Jonus works for Silky Slather, a fictitious company well-known for its shampoos. Jonus has been commissioned to launch a new brand of hair products leveraging the superpowers of cloud technology. By combining manufacturing data, product placement in local stores and sales, which of the following superpowers of cloud can he use to maximize the product placement and shelf lifecycle?

Select the correct answer.

  • Collaboration
  • Perception
  • Categorization
  • Recommendation
  • Prediction

Quiz 2: Module 2

Q1. Which of the following does not describe the “garage” mindset covered in this module? Select the correct answer.

  • Freedom to innovate
  • Adhere to guidelines
  • Launch and iterate
  • Continuous learning

Q2. Timothy owns and operates an organic food delivery service. His business is growing rapidly, and he’s facing the challenge of scaling his business while maintaining a culture of innovation. Timothy knows that first he needs to define his company mission. Which of the following mission statements best focuses on the WHY and not the HOW, providing clear direction? Select the correct answer.

  • Offer the freshest seasonal produce reliably and sustainably
  • Increase produce sales monthly
  • Increase delivery fleets using the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Connect farmers and consumers through fresh produce

Q3. Vienna leads procurement for a large multinational construction company. As part of her role, she manages a large ecosystem of projects, stakeholders, and teams. Being able to leverage the skill set across her teams to deliver the most value for her customers (employees, leadership, partners, owners and operators, city and national officials, etc.) is critical to her success. Traditionally, her company has relied on formal training. Now that her company is adopting cloud technology, which of the following should she prioritize as a leader to promote continuous learning? Select the two correct answers.

  • Implementing standardized annual testing or certifications.
  • Increasing the flow of information through people and platforms.
  • Encouraging open communication and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Holding monthly team meetings to discuss industry developments and trends.
  • Maintaining a database of third-party contacts.

Q4. Alberto is a clinical manager in a large teaching hospital. Within the first two weeks of his role, he noticed that there’s fear of failure in team discussions. This limits the creative thinking and problem solving necessary for their cloud adoption journey. Which of the following initiatives can he integrate into team meetings and discussions to promote more psychological safety on his team? Select the correct answer.

  • Highlight mistakes in projects and publicly hold the responsible parties accountable.
  • Provide clear direction in the form of itemized tasks.
  • Commission teams to generate and implement initiatives, but as a key stakeholder, review and redesign the plans.
  • Share what he finds challenging and openly ask for solution ideas.
  • Deliver a 45-minute presentation with no time for questions.

Q5. Marcelo leads a media agency that has grown from 5 people to 155 in three years. He’s concerned that the rapid growth has affected the company culture and is now running a staff engagement focus group, starting with the four questions covered in this module. The summary of results indicates the following:

Overall, senior team members felt safe to generate and test their ideas without fear of failure or criticism. However, newer team members felt that their ability to create is restricted by task-oriented management.

Which of the following initiatives that was suggested by his team should Marcelo prioritize? Select the correct answer.

  • Stock the kitchen with healthy food.
  • Diversify the portfolio of projects.
  • Establish quality metrics and an implementation process.
  • Train senior managers on coaching skills.

Quiz 3: Module 3

Q1. Olivia is head of product development at a luxury brand. Her company has recently adopted cloud technology and is successfully scaling the innovation mindset. Her team is constantly innovating and developing ideas. This week she’s had four ideas placed on her desk. Which of the following project ideas would require fundamentally rethinking the problem and the solution (aka a transformation project)? Select the correct answer.

  • Rebrand the products and website to meet current design trends.
  • Introduce ethical labels on all products that were sustainably produced
  • Streamline communication with suppliers to better manage challenges and disagreements
  • Leverage technology to more accurately forecast customer demand

Q2. A good transformation challenge has multiple key features. Which of the below is one of those features? Select the correct answer.

  • It says that your responsibility is to define challenge only.
  • It is designed to have a short-term impact.
  • It is phrased as a question.

Q3. Lizzie is a manager in a nursery, specializing in plants that are sold exclusively to garden centers. Lizzie’s company is growing quickly, and she is struggling to know where she should invest her resources. Here are some of her company’s datasets, separated by data bucket. User data: Location of customer; customer size; number and type of plants purchased by customer. Corporate data: Monthly sales records; turnover; staff training attendance; telephone sales conversation logs. Industry data: Specializations of competitors; location of prospective customers; plant research; plant life cycle; weather. Which of the following intersection of datasets would generate the most meaningful insight about her ideal customer? Select the correct answer.

  • Location of prospective customers + monthly sales records + staff training attendance
  • Telephone sales conversation logs + weather + turnover
  • Monthly sales records + location of customers + customer size + size and location prospective customers
  • Specializations of competitors + customer size + monthly sales records + weather

Q4. Raul is an operations manager for a large energy procurement company. His business line is leading the cloud adoption journey, and he feels empowered to innovate. He’s written a few business challenge questions. Before he puts together a business case, he wants to ensure that he’s proposing a truly transformational challenge. He’s using the framework from this module to assess his ideas. What are the four quadrants? Select the correct answer.

  • Quick win, improvement, interruption, transformation
  • Quick win, development, disruption, transformation
  • Quick win, disruption, improvement, transformation
  • Quick win, development, interruption, transformation

Q5. Raul is an operations manager for a large energy procurement company. His business line is leading the cloud adoption journey, and he feels empowered to innovate Which of the following challenge questions that Raul has written belongs in the transformation quadrant? Select the correct answer.

  • How could we rethink our internal project management alert system to notify team members in real time?
  • How could we streamline our supplier management tool?
  • How could we automate our materials arrival processing so we could generate audit reports readily?
  • How could we gain real-time visibility into our global materials tracking?

Q6. When you’re writing your ideal business challenge, you might use the 4-quadrant framework to assess whether the challenge would lead to truly transformational outcomes. Which of the following questions, if answered with a “Yes,” describes a disruption challenge or project? Select the correct answer.

  • Would solving this challenge address an approach that needs to be overhauled?
  • Would solving this challenge fix a process that is broken?
  • Would solving this challenge require change for people, processes, and technology?
  • Would solving this challenge focus on scaling your quick wins?

Quiz 4: Module 4

Q1. Maria has recently been appointed as the Chief Security Officer of a bank. The bank is in the process of migrating some of its files to the cloud, and her role is to ensure that it does so safely and securely. She has compiled a list of actions that she needs to take. Which of the following actions would help keep the bank’s files secure? Select the correct answer.

  • Discuss with her cloud service provider how else it uses their data
  • Ensure that her cloud provider has systems in place to prevent downtime
  • Create a process that defines file access policies for groups of employees
  • Talk to her risk management team about regulatory standards

Q2. You have received an email that says the following: “We have identified that your account is vulnerable. Click this link to change your security settings.”

Which of the current cybersecurity risks do you need to consider before clicking on the link? Select two correct answers.

  • Physical hard disk damage
  • Use of unsecured third-party systems
  • Recruitment of security expertise
  • Malware attacks on files
  • Phishing for sensitive data

Q3. Fred is responsible for the privacy, security, and compliance programs for a pharmaceutical company. His company has recently migrated to Google Cloud, and some of their company and customer data is now stored there.

Fred has been reviewing Google Cloud’s privacy and security controls and knows that every user must be set up with strong authentication to gain access to company data.

Which of the following Google Cloud security layers does “strong authentication for data access” relate to? Select the correct answer.

  • Operations
  • Network
  • Identity
  • Storage

Q4. Anita is information security manager at a luxury brand. The brand has recently had some of its IP stolen by a competitor. Now Anita’s been tasked with tightening the business’s security by exploring cloud service providers.

After selecting Google Cloud, she safely moved part of key company files to the cloud. As part of Google Cloud’s recommendation to build a Shared Responsibility Model, what would be Anita’s best next step? Select the correct answer.

  • Protect the server hardware
  • Create an incident response plan
  • Maintain full visibility of the data
  • Set up a robust access policy plan

Q5. Fernando is the Vice President of an insurance brokerage firm. He is considering migrating his firm to the cloud but has some concerns about how to do this while remaining compliant with the controls his firm is subject to.

Which of the following questions would be the most valuable for him to ask his prospective cloud provider in order to ensure that his company data privacy and security measures remain compliant with the required controls in his industry? Select two correct answers.

  • How will the cloud provider use my data?
  • How much would it cost to store a petabyte of data the cloud?
  • What options do I have if I want to use another cloud service provider?
  • At what point would I be notified of a security incident?
  • Will my employees be able to collaborate in real time?

Quiz 5: Module 5

Q1. Alberto has just been appointed clinical manager in a large teaching hospital. He has seen research that suggests happier hospital employees provide better-quality care and so is eager to reimagine and transform the experience of his employees. He and some of his colleagues have brainstormed several solutions for their challenge.

Which of the following sets of criteria will be most useful to them when choosing the best solution to take further? Select the correct answer.

  • Technical possibility, readiness of employees, business impacts
  • Feasibility, readiness of employees, business priorities
  • Feasibility, differentiation, business impacts
  • Technical possibility, differentiation, business priorities

Q2. Raul is operations manager for a large energy procurement company. He has come up with a solution to rethink his global materials–tracking capabilities. He has mapped the smaller individual projects that will be achieved on the way to his transformation, using the quadrants on the transformation roadmap. What route should he  take along the roadmap to reach his transformation solution that would also show his commitment to thinking 10X early in the journey? Select the correct answer.

  • Quick win -> Disruption -> Development -> Transformation
  • Development -> Disruption -> Quick win -> Transformation
  • Development -> Quick win -> Disruption -> Transformation
  • Quick win -> Development -> Disruption -> Transformation

Q3. Zena is in charge of distribution at a large electrical wholesaler. She has been tasked with streamlining their product distribution system and has come up with a solution that could transform the way they operate. Before building a business case, Zena needs to categorize the required datasets into what they have, what they can acquire, and what they need to capture. What will this categorization help her to do? Select the two correct answers.

  • Differentiate between a scaled improvement and a transformational solution.
  • Map the data ecosystem as a smaller project in the transformation roadmap
  • Brainstorm ways to capture net new data.
  • Establish feasibility of the overall transformation project
  • Evaluate the competition and ensure that the solution is differentiating.

Q4. Estelle is head of marketing for a large jewelry retailer. She’s identified her business challenge: how might we reimagine our customer engagement strategy? Estelle and her team brainstormed a few strategies to capture the missing datasets about their customers. Which of these strategies is the most innovative use of cloud tools to help capture the new data they need? Select the correct answer.

  • Build an online customer questionnaire and provide incentives for completion.
  • Build a system to collect more information about customer behavior when visiting the business website.
  • Build a data-sharing agreement with an online social media company.
  • Build an application that provides insight from smart sensors attached to jewelry.

Q5. Simon is a senior manager within a large accountancy firm. He has taken on the role of lead for staff training and education. He wants to use cloud tools to develop focused training sessions that are personalized to the staff and delivered to them as and when they need it. He also wants to personalize an incentive scheme, based on staff preferences as uncovered by a survey, to keep the staff engaged with the training. He is ready to build a business case to share with the firm’s partners. Which of the following lists of sections would be most useful to include in this business case? Select the correct answer.

  • Description, Datasets, Success Metrics, Competitor’s solution, Target Environment.
  • Description, Outcome, Success Metrics, Competitor’s solution, Target Environment
  • Description, Outcome, Success Metrics, Constraints, Target Environment
  • Description, Datasets, Success Metrics, Constraints, Target Environment

Q6. Simon has built the business case for his idea to re-imagine staff education and training in his accountancy firm. He now wants to create a project slide that he can share with others to help inform them and excite them about his idea. Which of the following items would be best to include in the pitch section on his project card? Select the correct answer.

  • A description of the ideology behind the project
  • An acknowledgement of the constraints his project faces
  • A concrete description of his project
  • A summary of the expected increase in turnover

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