Writing Professional Email and Memos (Project-Centered Course) Quiz Answers

Get All Weeks Writing Professional Email and Memos (Project-Centered Course) Quiz Answers

Writing Professional Email and Memos (Project-Centered Course) Quiz Answers

Week 01 Quiz Answers

Q1. In what ways are the formats of emails and memos similar? Choose all that apply.

1.Giving subject and date
2.The type of information

Q2. What key pieces of information are provided by both memos and emails in the heading?

Sender, recipient, and subject

Q3. Meeting minutes, directives, progress reports, and lab reports are all types of

Business memos

Q4. What is the best way to end a professional email?

With a closing phrase such as “best regards” and initials

Q5. What is the meaning of “CC” in email?

Carbon copyt

Q6. In which of these situations is it best to CC someone?

When you want to keep them updated but don’t need a response

Q7. When might you use BCC? Choose all that apply.

To keep an email address private from other recipients (such as with a mailing list), to make a paper trail when dealing with a potential grievance, and/or to keep an email tidy and easy to read when dealing with many recipients

Q8. Which is most true?

Emails evolved from memos

Week 02 Quiz Answers

Practice Quiz 01

Q1. Ms. Roberts: Hello Mr. Acworth! How are you today?

Mr. Acworth: Hello, Ms. Roberts. I’m not doing too well.

Ms. Roberts: Oh no? What’s wrong?

Mr. Acworth: Well, I was working yesterday, and Mr. Henry asked me to change some of the light bulbs. I climbed up on a chair to change the one in the atrium, and I fell.

Ms. Roberts:

You need to file an incident report.

Q2. Ms. Sanchez: Hello everyone and welcome to the meeting. Our usual secretary, Mr. Johnson, couldn’t be here today. At this point, I’d like to ask if anyone will take

meeting minutes

Q3. Mr. Li: I’ve just received word that Mr. Sadler has had an asthma attack. He was entering the building, and he had to walk past a lot of people smoking. It triggered his asthma. He is going to the hospital now.

Ms. Majumder: Oh, no.You know, we should let people know about the new policy regarding smoking next to the building entrances.

Mr. Li: You are right. To let people know about the new policy, I should write and distribute a/an


Q4. Mr. Abbasov received the following email: Writing Professional Email and Memos (Project-Centered Course) Quiz Answers

What should he do?

Write a response to an inquiry

Q5. Ms. Murphy: Hello Mr. Tanaka!

Mr. Tanaka: Hello, Ms. Murphy! How is that Devi project coming along?

Ms. Murphy: Funny you should ask. I was just about to send you

a progress report

Practice Quiz 02

Q1. In this course we will focus on five common email/memo types. Which type of email/memo, below, is NOT one we will focus on.

James P. Grant
  • Incident reports
  • Directives
  • Meeting minutes
  • Field reports

Q2. What is the appropriate way to sign a memo?

This is a trick question. You do not sign a memo unless it is in email format.

Q3. One way to send a memo is to write it in memo format in a word processing program. Then, to send it electronically, you

Print it, initial by your name, scan it, and attach it to an emailPrint it, initial by your name, scan it, and attach it to an email

Q4. If you are sending a memo in memo format via email as an attachment, then you should

Begin the email with a salutation and the name of the primary recipient. Then, provide a brief description of the information in the attached memo, a polite closing, and a signature.

Q5. In a progress report, one should: (choose all that apply)

1.List any problems you are having or anticipate (if applicable).
2.Describe what has been done so far.
3.Describe what is planned to do next.
4.Give information from project meetings.

Q6. A report that is broad and encompasses a range of activities within an organization is a

status report

Q7. Meeting minutes are

Notes taken within a meeting on important topics and decisions

Q8. When shared via email, meeting minutes might include this information (choose all that apply)

1.List of attendees
2.Date of meeting
3.Times the meeting began and ended
4.Writer of the minutes

Q9. The statement, below, is not true of the meeting minutes

Meeting minutes should state when the meeting started and ended.

Q10. The elements that must be included when filling out an incident report are (choose all that apply)

1.Accuracy of detail such as date, time, specific location, and names of other people involved
3.Clarity: plain speech with correct grammar and spelling

Q11. How do directives differ from general information emails/memos?

Directives should begin with an explanation of why the policy has been implemented, and then state the policy.

Q12. In response to an inquiry, it is best to

Begin with a polite expression of gratitude for the inquiry or other polite opening statement

Q13. If there are multiple questions in an inquiry, some of which you do not know the answer to or cannot give the answer per company policy, you should

Answer what you can and explain why you cannot answer the others.

Q14. If it is not your job to answer a question, you should

immediately forward the question to the one who can answer it.

Q15. The ability to feel another’s feelings as your own and write with another’s perspective in mind is


Week 03 Quiz Answers

Practice Quiz 01

Q1. What would you say is the MAIN problem with the email, below?

Writing Professional Email and Memos (Project-Centered Course) Quiz Answers

tone and audience

Q2. What would you say is the MAIN problem with the memo, below?

tone and audience

Q3. There are several problems with the meeting minutes, below. What problems are there? Check all answers that apply.

Writing Professional Email and Memos (Project-Centered Course) Quiz Answers

2.tone and audience

Q4. Background: Reynaldo Smith works in the Geography Department at Kennesaw State University. Jaime Hutchinson is his department chair or supervisor. Jaime scheduled a meeting with her supervisor, Sabine Hofer, and Sabine’s assistant, Jim Kalinakis. She invited Reynaldo to that meeting to learn more about the university’s plans for the Online Geography degree, which Reynaldo is in charge of. Sabine, Jim, Reynaldo, and Jaime attended the meeting.

Question: Why is Jaime Hutchinson copied on the email exchange, below?

Jaime is copied because she is Reynaldo’s supervisor. Sabine is Jaime’s supervisor. That is, in the organizational chart, Sabine is over Jaime who is over Reynaldo. In many organizations, if someone is communicating with another person at a higher level than his or her supervisor, then the supervisor is copied on the emails to make sure he/she is aware of the communication or issue.

Q5. The email exchange, below, is an inquiry and response to inquiry. What problem do you see with the response?

The format of the emails is incorrect. There is no initial by the name, and the proper headings are not presented.

Practice Quiz 02

Q1. Managing one’s impression requires paying attention to

1.Tone and formality
2.Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
3.Clarity and conciseness
4.Clarity and conciseness as well as grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Q2. . In considering the audience, one must think about (check all that apply)

1.Who is likely to read carefully
2.Who will read the email/memo without having all the context of being directly involved?
3.Who will use the information directly
4.Who may dislike or resist the information and how to soothe that
5.Who will file the email/memo and how he or she categorize it
6.Who is likely to skim and how to make sure he or she at least gets the gist of it

Q3. In emails, it is more important to be

Both concise and pleasant equally

Q4. One should consider writing an email with _______ if writing to international clients.

More formality

Q5. You are a new employee and are preparing to write your first memo in the company. This memo will be seen by your coworkers, your supervisors, and several people from other departments in the company. To determine the appropriate level of formality, you should _______.

Imitate the CEO’s level of formality from his memos.

Q6. When is it okay to disregard formalities?

When your supervisor explicitly tells you that you do not have to be formal in written correspondence

Q7. In general, you should use headers in an email if it is longer than

Two paragraphs.

Q8. If you are not confident in your usage of punctuation, you should (check all that are correct)

1.Use simple sentences.
2.Learn the three most common comma rules.

Q9. Which of these practices is/are best for writing a good email? (Check the four correct answers)

1.Collect the content and organize it.
2.Take a break before a slow final read-through.
3.Identify the type.
4.Check to be sure you are being clear, concise, complete, and polite.
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