Virtual Machines in the Cloud Coursera Quiz Answers – Week 3

Get All Weeks Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure Quiz Answers

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network

Q1. True or false? In Google Cloud VPCs, subnets have regional scope.

  • True
  • False

Q2. True or false: If you increase the size of a subnet in a custom VPC network, the IP addresses of virtual machines already on that subnet might be affected.

  • True
  • False

Compute Engine

Q1. True or false: You can create Compute Engine virtual machines from the command line.

  • True
  • False

Q2. What is the main reason customers choose Preemptible VMs?

  • To reduce cost.
  • To improve performance.

Google Compute Engine and Networking

Q1. True or False: Google Cloud Load Balancing allows you to balance HTTP-based traffic across multiple Compute Engine regions.

  • True
  • False

Q2. Which statement is true about Google VPC networks and subnets?

  • Networks are regional; subnets are zonal
  • Networks are global; subnets are regional
  • Networks and subnets are global
  • Networks are global; subnets are zonal

Q3. An application running in a Compute Engine virtual machine needs high-performance scratch space. Which type of storage meets this need?

  • Standard persistent
  • Local SSD
  • Local standard
  • SSD persistent

Q4. Choose an application that would be suitable for running in a Preemptible VM.

  • An interactive website
  • An online relational database
  • A batch job that cannot be checkpointed and restarted
  • A batch job that can be checkpointed and restarted.

Q5. How do Compute Engine customers choose between big VMs and many VMs?

  • Use big VMs for fault tolerance and elasticity; use many VMs for in-memory databases and CPU-intensive analytics
  • Use big VMs for in-memory databases and CPU-intensive analytics; use many VMs for fault tolerance and elasticity

Q6. How do VPC routers and firewalls work?

  • They are managed by Google as a built-in feature.
  • Customers provision virtual machines and run their routers and firewalls in them.
  • They are managed by Google in virtual machines, which customers may tune or turn off.
  • They are managed by Google in virtual machines, which customers may never modify.

Q7. A GCP customer wants to load-balance traffic among the back-end VMs that form part of a multi-tier application. Which load-balancing option should this customer choose?

  • The regional load balancer
  • The regional internal load balancer
  • The global TCP proxy
  • The global SSL proxy
  • The global HTTP(S) load balancer

Q8. For which of these interconnect options is a Service Level Agreement available

  • VPNs with Cloud Router
  • Carrier Peering
  • Direct Peering
  • Dedicated Interconnect

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All Weeks Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure Quiz Answers

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