Big Data and Machine Learning Coursera Quiz Answers – Week 8

All Weeks Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure Quiz Answers

Big Data and Machine Learning

Q1.Β Name two use cases for Google Cloud Dataproc (Select 2 answers).

  • Data mining and analysis in datasets of known size
  • Migrate on-premises Hadoop jobs to the cloud
  • Manage data that arrives in realtime
  • Manage datasets of unpredictable size

Q2. Name two use cases for Google Cloud Dataflow (Select 2 answers).

  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
  • Orchestration
  • Manual resource management
  • Reserved compute instances

Q3. Name three use cases for the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform (Select 3 answers).

  • Fraud detection
  • Data preparation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Content personalization
  • Query architecture

Q4. Which statements are true about BigQuery? Choose all that are true (2 statements).

  • BigQuery is a good choice for data analytics warehousing.
  • BigQuery requires that you provision database instances ahead of use.
  • Once in BigQuery, data is not accessible from other GCP services.
  • BigQuery is a good choice for online transaction processing.
  • BigQuery lets you run fast SQL queries against large databases.

Q5. Name three use cases for Cloud Pub/Sub (Select 3 answers).

  • Analyzing streaming data
  • Storage of binary web content
  • Decoupling systems
  • Internet of Things applications
  • Executing ad-hoc SQL queries

Q6. What is TensorFlow?

  • A managed service for building machine learning models
  • An open-source software library that’s useful for building machine learning applications
  • A hardware device designed to accelerate machine learning workloads
  • A managed service for building data pipelines

Q7. What does the Cloud Natural Language API do?

  • It analyzes text to reveal its structure and meaning.
  • It translates arbitrary strings into any supported language.
  • It extracts text in various languages from images.
  • It performs sentiment analysis on audio and video content.

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Summary and Review

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