Critical thinking: reasoned decision making Week 01 Quiz Answers

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Quiz 1: Self-evaluation

Q1. What do you think is the aim of critical thinking?

  • A. Critical thinking will tell us how to make decisions.
  • B. Critical thinking will improve the quality our thinking by taking charge of the structures inherent to thinking.
  • C. The aim of critical thinking is to teach us how to find arguments to convince our detractors.sin responder

Q2. What do you think the primary pressure is to be critical?

  • A. The amount of information and the speed of change at which information flows and casts a shadow on our thoughts.
  • B. We are being lazy and let others make decisions for us.
  • C. It is a popular concept and the term “critical thinking” is in fashion.

Q3. If you were asked what critical thinking is about, which answer would be the most appropriate?

  • A. It’s about finding arguments to criticize other´s stances.
  • B. It’s a procedure for making choices.
  • C. It’s asking questions about our own affirmations and arguments.

Quiz 2: Self-evaluation

Q1. Do you think that critical thinking requires us to change our initial beliefs?

  • A. Yes, we need to let go of our initial beliefs.
  • B. No. On the contrary. Critical thinking can provide the basis for strengthening them by examining them critically.
  • C. No. Critical thinking is for defending our beliefs.

Q2. When using our thinking, are we asked to prioritize one way of thinking over another?

  • A. Yes, we need to select and focus on it.
  • B. No, we will use them as they come into our mind.
  • C. No, we will use them in an interwoven manner, while being conscious of testing them against bias and using them together with critical thinking.

Q3. What would you say is a clear difference between creative and critical thinking?

  • A. Creative thinking makes use of new alternatives, and critical thinking just evaluates them.
  • B. Creative thinking is more open than critical thinking.
  • C. Creative thinking looks at situations from a fresh perspective that sometimes suggests unorthodox solutions that might seem crazy at first.

Quiz 3: Contextualized situation

Q1. What would you do?

Remember that you are responsible for protecting the information related to your project.

  • A. You just forget the incident.
  • B. You ask your co-worker and confront him directly about the issue.
  • C. You inform your supervisor or boss.
  • D. You notify the personnel or HR department.

Quiz 4: Evaluation of Topic 1

Q1. What phrase best represents the concept of Metacognition?

  • A. Top-down thinking.
  • B. A superior way of thinking.
  • C. Thinking about how we think.
  • D. Thinking things twice.

Q2. The purpose of propaganda is normally:

  • A. Delivering sound advice.
  • B. Planting an idea in your mind.
  • C. Informing you to decide.
  • D. Using a rhetorical phrase to influence your behavior.

Q3. Think critically: My elementary school teacher once told me, “If you do not pass the course lessons, you will end up looking after sheep in a field.” Critically, he was:

  • A. Joking.
  • B. Intimidating me.
  • C. Making a sound inference.
  • D. Making a meaningless correlation.

Q4. What do you think of this statement: We shouldn’t even bother to interview that candidate. He’s been in therapy for alcoholics. What is wrong with this statement?

  • A. Nothing. He is expressing an opinion.
  • B. He is attacking the person (Ad hominem), not the competencies.
  • C. Nothing. He is following company policy.
  • D. Nothing is wrong.

Q5. When Humpty Dumpty tells Alice (in Through the Looking Glass) “When I
use a word it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor
less,” he is:

  • A. Making an affirmation.
  • B. Using a valid, solid argument.
  • C. Using an egocentric, biased argument.
  • D. Explaining the meaning of the word “glory” to Alice.
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