Critical Thinking: Reasoned Decision Making Week 03 Quiz Answers

Get Critical Thinking: Reasoned Decision Making Week 03 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Self-evaluation

Q1. What are the benefits of a structured thinking method?

  • A. It gives us a recipe to follow sequentially.
  • B. It helps by giving us a reference framework to follow and to order our thoughts.
  • C. It gives us a procedure to communicate thoughts.

Q2. Why do we need a circular rather than a sequential method?

  • A. We need different points of entry, since as the process and new thoughts enlighten our points of view, our assumptions will have to be reconsidered and corrected or modified.
  • B. We do not need a circular method but a method with tried and tested sequences.
  • C. Different points of entry will allow others to enter at any time and have their say.

Q3. Why should we wonder about the purpose of our questions when addressing an issue?

  • A. To avoid losing track.
  • B. To help us explain the desired process to others.
  • C. To define the goal we want to reach by indicating our aspirations regarding the topic or matter.

Quiz 2: Self-evaluation

Q1. Why is quality assurance needed during the critical thinking process?

  • A. To have peace of mind from checking things.
  • B. To enhance the process by comparing each element with intellectual standards.
  • C. Having a checklist is always a good idea.

Q2. What is the difference between relevance and significance as intellectual standards for critical thinking?

  • A. There is no difference, they are both similar.
  • B. Relevance is the way things are related to the problem, while significance refers to relative importance.
  • C. They are synonyms, so there is no difference between them.

Q3. In which of the following situations do we need to apply the depth standard?

  • A. Changing jobs or careers.
  • B. Changing a schedule or rescheduling a trip because of new options.
  • C. Losing a couple of kilos.

Quiz 4: Evaluation of Topic 3

Q1. You conducted a successful job search, and now have three offers from which to choose. What can you do to most thoroughly investigate your potential employers? (Choose the one that does NOT apply)

  • A. Check out their websites.
  • B. Research their financial situations.
  • C. Speak with people who work at these companies.
  • D. Watch the news to see if the companies are mentioned.

Q2. We generally have good reasons to:

  • A. Accept advertising claims at face value.
  • B. Believe all advertisements are false.
  • C. Doubt advertising claims.
  • D. Think that all advertising agencies are dishonest.

Q3. Think critically. When buying a car, what information is NOT relevant?

  • A. Fuel efficiency in kilometers/liter.
  • B. Type of tires.
  • C. Monthly payments.
  • D. Guarantees in terms of years or kilometers.

Q4. In a group session, how can we create an appropriate atmosphere for collaboration or participation in a discussion?

  • A. Asking for alternate opinions and letting the others have their say.
  • B. Asking each person in order.
  • C. Leaving time at the end for questions and answers.
  • D. Asking for individual contributions on small cards.

Q5. Think about this question critically: What is the best reason to have a virtue, an element and a standard related to a point of view (empathy, point of view, breadth)?

  • A. To avoid being discredited in the process.
  • B. To avoid arrogance and egocentrism.
  • C. To enrich participation and propose alternate solutions for an issue.
  • D. To assure the quality of the options.
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