Critical Thinking: Reasoned Decision Making Week 02 Quiz Answers

Get Critical Thinking: Reasoned Decision Making Week 02 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Self-evaluation

Q1. What are the characteristics of an impartial thinker?

  • A. Self-confidence and the ability to defend his/her beliefs
  • B. Avoid jumping to conclusions, being honest and not hiding arguments that are not in our favor.
  • C. Capacity to agree with the groups and share their beliefs

Q2. Why are our attitudes as important as the method of thinking?

  • A. If we don’t consider them, our predisposition will guide the way we think when dealing with issues and will tend to consider only that which favors our affirmations and we will adjust the data and information accordingly.
  • B. It helps us build confidence in our thoughts and therefore defend them in the best possible way.
  • C. They help us to be in a good mood when participating. sin responder

Q3. What are the opposite attitudes to the following two virtues: Intellectual courage and intellectual humility?

  • A. Laziness and distrust.
  • B. Conformity and selfishness.
  • C. Cowardice and arrogance.

Quiz 2: Self-evaluation

Q1. What are the obstacles involved in a critical thinking process?

  • A. Our affirmations, beliefs and inferences.
  • B. Using ambiguous language, fallacies, deceptive statistics and omissions.
  • C. Collecting relevant data and information sources.

Q2. Why do embedded behaviors need to be reviewed or checked permanently?

  • A. There is no need to review them since they are part of us and the way we are.
  • B. We need to review the embedded behaviors to comply or agree with other members of the group when analyzing an issue.
  • C. Correcting bad habits can enhance our capability to detect bias when thinking while improving our autonomous thinking.

Q3. Why is it important to make a personal checklist of our way of thinking? Why should we ask ourselves: Am I a fair and impartial thinker?

  • A. To gain experience and win with our arguments.
  • B. There is no need to do so. Sooner or later, people will let us know and change us.
  • C. If we are not aware of how we think, levity, imprudence and intolerance will shape our character and we will make wrong judgments.

Quiz 3: Evaluation of Topic 2

Q1. A good way to resist group pressure is:

  • A. To comply with the expected group values.
  • B. Reject the group’s affirmations.
  • C. Accept only affirmations endorsed by group leaders.
  • D. Follow your beliefs according to the strength of the reasons exposed.

Q2. Ambiguous language is an obstacle because it will make the audience.

  • A. Indifferent.
  • B. Confused and not understanding the messages.
  • C. Make their own interpretation.
  • D. None of the above.

Q3. In a speech, the term collateral damage is

  • A. Correct.
  • B. A euphemism.
  • C. Confusing.
  • D. Incorrect.

Q4. What does being a strong-sense thinker mean?

  • A. Being strong when defending our beliefs.
  • B. Using our thinking skills to evaluate affirmations and beliefs, especially our own.
  • C. Using our skills to defeat the others’ arguments.
  • D. Being able to resist counter-arguments.

Q5. Think critically. When someone says: Now that books are free online, people will read them… He is…

  • A. Using sound logic.
  • B. Incurring in the false-cause fallacy.
  • C. Making this assertion based on experience.
  • D. Making an obvious statement, since they are free.
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