iOS App Store & In-App Purchases Coursera Quiz Answers

iOS App Store & In-App Purchases Week 1 Quiz Answers

Q1. What in-app purchase type would be best suited for purchasing gems in an iOS game?

  • Non-Renewing Subscription
  • Auto-Renewable Subscription
  • Consumable
  • Non-Consumable

Q2. What framework must you import in order to work with in-app purchases?

Enter answer here

Q3. In order to test your in-app purchases, what must you do?

  • You make a purchase with your normal Apple ID, and then request a refund from Apple
  • You must enter the unique app passcode you are given from the App Store Connect
  • You must create a sandbox tester account
  • In-app purchases currently cannot be tested

Q4. If your available products is dynamic, where is the best place to store your product IDs?

  • The App Bundle
  • On your own server
  • The Info.plist file
  • In-app purchase IDs must be shipped with the app and cannot be loaded dynamically

Q5. What must you do in Xcode to allow in-app purchases to work in your app?

  • Add the in-app purchase IDs to your info.plist file
  • Must use a provisioning profile that is connected to a company Apple account and not an individual account
  • Enable the in-app purchase capability in the Capabilities tab
  • All of the above

Q6. If you want to promote your in-app purchases on your App Store product page what must you do?

  • Your company must have a DUNS & Bradstreet number
  • You must pay an extra fee to Apple to promote your in-app purchases
  • You must add a promotional image on App Store Connect for any in-app purchase you want to promote
  • Put the promotional text in your info.plist file and add all promotional images to your app bundle

Q7. What type of in-app purchases can you have Apple host for you?

  • Consumable
  • Non-Consumable
  • Auto Renewable Subscriptions
  • Non-Renewable Subscriptions

Q8. Once an in-app purchase has been created on App Store Connect it can not be deleted

  • True
  • False

Q9. If you want to let the user enroll in multiple subscriptions in your app, what must you do?

  • Create a subscription group for each subscription a user can enroll in
  • Enable the “Multiple Subscriptions” checkbox in Xcode capabilities tab
  • A user can only ever be enrolled in one subscription per app at a time
  • You must get special permission from the App Store review team

Q10. How many promo codes can you give away for each of your in-app purchases?

Enter answer here

iOS App Store & In-App Purchases Week 2 Quiz Answers

Q1. If you want to observe updates for in-app purchase transactions, what protocol must you implement?

Enter answer here

Q2. If you have a non-consumable in-app purchase, what must you do in your app so it doesn’t get rejected?

  • Publish your app as a company instead of an individual
  • Provide a feature to restore in-app purchases
  • Ensure that receipt validation is enabled
  • All of the above

Q3. Auto-renewable subscriptions must have the same price in every country and territory.

  • True
  • False

Q4. You can use what class, if you want to show other apps and products from the App Store?

  • SKStoreProductViewController
  • SKStoreProductParameterITunesItemIdentifier
  • SKStoreProductParameterCampaignToken
  • It is against App Store policy to show other apps or products within your app

Q5. An app developer can use consumable in-app purchases to let their users “tip” the developer

  • True
  • False

Q6. You can offer both subscriptions and in-app purchases in the same app

  • True
  • False

Q7. Which App Store categories cannot use auto-renewing subscriptions?

  • Business
  • Games
  • Utility
  • You can use auto-renewable subscriptions on every App Store category

Q8. Users can use Apple Pay to pay for in-app purchases

  • True
  • False

Q9. How can you check that a user is authorized to make purchases before you present products for sale?

  • SKProductsRequest.isAuthorized()
  • SKPaymentQueue.canMakePayments()
  • SKPayment.isAuthorized()
  • SKPaymentTransactionObserver.canMakePurchases()

Q10. Which of the following states will trigger the protocol function updatedTransactions to becalled?

  • .purchased
  • .purchasing
  • .failed
  • .canceled
  • .restored
  • .deferred

iOS App Store & In-App Purchases Week 3 Quiz Answers

Q1. What durations are available for in-app purchase subscriptions?

  • 1 Week
  • 1 Month
  • 2 Months
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year

Q2. You are able to set a subscription price lower than $1 (USD)?

  • True
  • False

Q3. To prevent fraud and theft with in-app purchases you should do what?

  • Use receipt validation
  • Only make in-app purchases available in the countries you trust
  • Only let a user make one in-app purchase per day
  • Don’t allow in-app purchases to be made on iOS devices that are “Jailbroken”

Q4. An auto-renewable subscription must created within a subscription group?

  • True
  • False

Q5. If your business model is such that a user will only ever have one subscription at a time, then you should not use multiple subscription groups

  • True
  • False

Q6. For users on iOS 10 or greater, what will happen to your subscribed users if you increase the price of the subscription?

  • Your existing subscribers will not receive the price increase and be billed at the older, lower price
  • The existing subscription will stay the same price until it expires, and then the user will have to re-subscribe at the higher price
  • The user will be notified of the current price, the new higher price, and the date they will be charged at the new price
  • You cannot increase the price on subscriptions

Q7. You can create an introductory offer to give discounts or trials for subscribers

  • True
  • False

Q8. To help users continue to access content in the case that there is a payment issue from the user, what can you do?

  • Turn on billing grace period
  • If a payment fails, the subscription will fail immediately and content will not be accessible
  • You can provide those users with promo codes until they can make payment
  • You can disable the subscription for that user

Q9. To enable receipt verification for purchases what must you do?

  • Create a Master Shared Secret on App Store Connect
  • Create an App-Specific Shared Secret
  • Enable Receipt Validation in the Xcode Capabilities
  • Enable Receipt Validation in the info.plist

Q10. After you create an in-app purchase or auto-renewable subscription product in App Store Connect, you must submit it to Apple for review.

  • True
  • False
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