Information Design Coursera Quiz Answers

All Weeks Information Design Coursera Quiz Answers

Information Design Coursera Quiz Answers

Week 3: Cumulative Quiz

Q1. This ticketing interface has some usability issues. Like most prototypes, you can use wireframes to do lots of different stuff. Of the choices below, in which instance would a wireframe be most helpful? Choose 2.

  • Finalizing fonts and colors
  • Designing an interface layout that shows current movies on this first screen.
  • Making more effective use of the screen real estate.
  • Fixing the shopping bag icon

Q2. A responsive website…

  • uses gestures to make interactions more intuitive.
  • presents a different layout customized to different screen sizes and form factors
  • can update in-page content without reloading the entire page
  • understands you, man.

Q3. When designing for multiple form factors, you should

  • start with mobile first, because it’s easier to scale up than scale down.
  • start with desktop first, because that is the default for a webpage.
  • start with tablet first, because it splits the difference between mobile and desktop.
  • think about what most people will use your site with. If two form factors are common, try to design for both in parallel.

Q4. Let’s connect the opportunities and challenges of ubiquitous computing with the design principles that we talked about in direct manipulation. Which of the following are challenges of ubiquitous computing. Check all that apply:

  • When devices lack an explicit interface, there is a large gulf of execution.
  • At the end of the design process, you also need to take into account user privacy.
  • Because recognition based interfaces can be intrinsically ambiguous, interface designs need to include a means for resolving this ambiguity.
  • The fact that many interactions are extremely brief, means that removing set-up steps and providing good defaults are even more important.

Q5. The putting it all together video uses principles from the navigation video in information design. Which of the following is true about presenting hierarchical information?

  • An overview plus detail menu presents multiple levels of hierarchical information without overwhelming the user.
  • Hamburger menus are extremely effective because they preserve information scent

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Information Design Coursera Quiz Answers

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