Python Project for AI & Application Development Quiz Answers

Python Project for AI & Application Development Week 01 Quiz Answers

Q1. The prefix to the filename where you write the test cases is:

  • function_test
  • It has not prefix
  • test
  • unit_test

Q2. The python code will throw runtime error if pylint is not run before executing the file.

  • False
  • True

Q3. In accordance with pylint which of the following is valid method name

  • getUserName()
  • get_user_name
  • GetUserName

Q4. Your code has the following method.

def returnString():

return “Hello”

What will be the outcome of the test?

assertNotEqual(returnString(),”How are you”,”They are equal”)

  • The test will pass.
  • The test will fail.
  • The code will throw runtime error as the values are not equal
  • The test will not run as the method name does not qualify in static code analysis.

Q5. To package a python script in a package to be able to import and use it, which of the following is required.

  • A folder with
  • The python script should be packaged in a directory with in the same directory
  • import sys as the first line of code in the python script.
  • The methods in the script should be defined as public method

Q6. Which of the following is correct about Flask?

  • It is a full-stack application framework
  • It is a micro web framework
  • It is a database framework
  • It is an external Java framework

Q7. Which of the following methods are supported in an API endpoint created with Flask?

1. GET




  • Only 1 and 4
  • Only 1,3 and 4
  • Only 1,2 and 3
  • All 4 are supported.

Q8. What is the below line of code referred to as?


  • Method definition
  • Route decorator
  • Get Request
  • Flask method

Q9. One method can have only one route decorator. True or False?

  • True
  • False

Q10. Which of the following is true about the following line of code?


  • This end-point supports get requests
  • This end-point supports post requests
  • This end-point supports update requests
  • The value of name is variable.

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