Networking in Google Cloud Defining and Implementing Networks Quiz Answers

All Weeks Networking in Google Cloud Defining and Implementing Networks Quiz Answers

Module Quiz 1

Q1. In Google Cloud Platform, a VPC network belongs to which of the following?

  • IP address range
  • Zone
  • Project
  • Region

Q2. What are the three types of networks offered in the Google Cloud Platform?

  • Default network, auto network, and custom network
  • IPv4 unicast network, IPv4 multicast network, IPv6 network
  • Gigabit network, 10-gigabit network, and 100-gigabit network
  • Zonal, regional, and global

Q3. Which GCP service translates requests for domain names into external IP addresses?

  • Cloud DNS
  • Alias IP Ranges
  • GCP routes
  • Compute Engine DNS

Module Quiz 2

Q1. Which Cloud IAM role contains permissions to create, modify, and delete networking resources, except for firewall rules and SSL certificates?

  • Network Admin
  • Network Viewer
  • Security Admin

Q2. Which type of IAM member belongs to an application or virtual machine instead of an individual end-user?

  • Cloud Identity domain
  • Google Account
  • Service Account
  • Google Group

Q3. What are the three options for the target parameter of a firewall rule that defines the instances to which the firewall rule is intended to apply?

  • All instances in the network
  • Specified service accounts
  • Specified target tags
  • Specified IP ranges

Module Quiz 3

Q1. Sort the following steps for provisioning Shared VPC in Google Cloud Platform:

  1. A Shared VPC Admin enables shared VPC for the host project.
  2. An Organization Admin nominates a Shared VPC Admin.
  3. A Shared VPC Admin delegates access to some or all subnets of a shared VPC network by granting the Network User role.
  4. A Network User creates resources in his/her Service Project.
  • 2->1->3->4
  • 4->3->1->2
  • 4->1->3->2
  • 2->3->1->4

Q2. In regards to VPC Network Peering, which of the following statements is correct?

  • Subnet IP ranges can overlap across peered VPC networks
  • Both sides of a peering association are set up in one single step
  • Peered VPC networks do not remain administratively separate
  • Transitive peering is not supported

Q3. Which of the following approaches to multi-project networking, uses a centralized network administration model?

  • VPC Network Peering
  • Shared VPC
  • Cloud VPN

Module Quiz 4

Q1. Which of the following is not a GCP load balancing service?

  • HTTP(S) load balancing
  • Internal load balancing
  • TCP proxy load balancing
  • Network load balancing
  • Hardware-defined load balancing
  • SSL proxy load balancing

Q2. Which three GCP load balancing services support IPv6 clients?

  • Internal load balancing
  • Network load balancing
  • TCP proxy load balancing
  • HTTP(S) load balancing
  • SSL proxy load balancing

Q2. Which GCP load balancing service supports GCP instance-to-instance RFC 1918 traffic?

  • Internal load balancing
  • SSL proxy load balancing
  • HTTP(S) load balancing
  • Network load balancing
  • TCP proxy load balancing

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