Marketing Mix Fundamentals Coursera Quiz Answers

All Weeks Marketing Mix Fundamentals Coursera Quiz Answers

Marketing Mix Fundamentals Coursera Quiz Answers

Week 01: Graded Quiz

Q1. Danone was producing 33 different flavours of Activia. After some time they decided to introduce a new flavour to the yogurts family. From a product policy viewpoint, this was a:


  • brand extension
  • product line extension
  • multibrand strategy
  • new brand strategy

Q2. The French company Bic, founded in1945, originally produced ballpoint pens, and later on they added to the Bic products family items such as disposable lighters (1973) and razors. From a product policy viewpoint, this was a:

  • Product line extension
  • Multibrand strategy
  • Brand extension
  • New brand strategy

Q3. The Spanish group Inditex originally launched the Zara brand in 1975. From a point of view of the Ansoff matrix, opening more stores of Zara in Spain would be:

  • Diversification Strategy
  • Market Penetration Strategy
  • New Product Development Strategy
  • New Market Development Strategy

Q4. As time passed by, the Inditex group launched different brands in Spain, such as Pull & Bear (1991), Massimo Dutti, Bershka (1998), Stradivarius, Oysho (2001), Zara Home (2003), y Uterqüe (2008).

From a point of view of the Ansoff matrix, this process would be considered as:

  • Diversification Strategy
  • New Product Development Strategy
  • New Market Development Strategy
  • Market Penetration Strategy

Q5. Mr. Isak Andic, the owner of Mango, has established a subsidiary named Punta Na, whose main purpose is to buy premium commercial space, which is normally leased to Mango stores.

From a point of view of the Ansoff matrix, this process would be considered as:

  • New Product Development Strategy
  • New Market Development Strategy
  • Market Penetration Strategy
  • Diversification Strategy

Q6. In 2016, product categories such as printed newspapers, hats and fixed telecommunications are in phase of:

  • Maturity
  • Decline
  • Growth
  • Introduction

Q7. “Cash-cow products” are products with:

  • Big market share, low market growth rate
  • Small market share, low market growth rate
  • Big market share, high market growth rate
  • Small market share, high market growth rate

Q8. ALL “dog products” should ALWAYS be killed.

  • False
  • True

Q9. “Star Products”:

  • Generate funds but still require funds to continue its expansion
  • Generate more funds than those they require to grow
  • Don´t require funds to grow
  • Don´t generate funds

Week 02: Graded Quiz

Q1. Read the following statements and decide which alternative is correct:

  • Auctions are the best way to define prices
  • Dynamic pricing is the best way to define prices
  • Both previous alternatives (a+b)
  • None of them

Q2. Prices of a certain product go up when:

  • Supply decreases
  • Both of the alternatives
  • None of the alternatives
  • Demand increases

Q3. The best way to maximize income in a product with an elastic demand curve is by:

  • Increasing prices
  • It cannot be defined.
  • None of them
  • Decreasing prices

Q4. Decreasing prices of a product with inelastic demand curve allows to:

  • Increase income
  • Increase quantity of products sold
  • Increase market share
  • Increase profits

Q5. The “ceiling” for a price is given by:

  • All of them
  • The competitors
  • The value generated to the customer
  • The government and other regulators

Q6. Which of the following statement (or statements) about “Cost based pricing” is (are) not true:

  • None of them are true
  • The margins are calculated as a % of the production costs or the sales price
  • Cost based pricing is called a “top-down” approach
  • Cost-based pricing is the easiest way to calculate a price

Q7. Among the three “general pricing approaches”, the best method to define a price is:

  • None of the above
  • Competitors´parity pricing
  • Value to the customer pricing
  • Cost-based pricing

Week 03: Graded Quiz

Q1. Which channel functions help to fulfill the Completed transactions?

  • Financing
  • Information
  • Risk Taking
  • Physical Distribution

Q2. Please select the key factors in Channel Management.

  • Select
  • Update
  • Train and Motivate
  • Evaluate

Q3. Which parts of the definition describes Trade Marketing?

  • Increment the offer form the manufacturer
  • Share costs among players
  • Strategic Alliance
  • Develop Joint Activities

Q4. Which are the main components of a Retail Strategy?

  • Target Market and Format/Marketing Mix only.
  • Target Market and Format/Marketing Mix and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Target Market and Sustainable Competitive Advantage only.
  • None of them

Q5. Which is the entry strategy McDonald’s uses?

  • Direct Investment
  • Joint Venture
  • Franchise

Q6. Which of the following could we classify the website and service

  • Pure Click
  • Brick & Click

Week 04: Graded Quiz

Q1. Which of the following are Marketing Communication Functions?

  • They can inform or show customers how and why a market offering is used.
  • Can contribute to brand profitability.
  • Could be and incentive or reward for trial or usage.
  • Allows companies to link their brands to other people, place, events, brands, experiences, feelings and things.

Q2. Which are the main objectives of Effective Communication?

  • Category sales
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand attitude
  • Brand purchase intention

Q3. Which of the following models is not a Promotion Budget Method?

  • Affordable Method
  • Customer based method
  • Objective-and-task method
  • Payback period

Q4. Which of the following is NOT a major decision for a company in deciding using Sales Promotion?

  • Establish its objectives
  • Select the tools
  • Attractive creativity for consumer
  • Evaluate the results

Q5. Which are the main benefits of Direct Marketing?

  • Test alternative media and messages to find the most cost-effective or efficient approach.
  • Make marketer’s offer and strategy visible to customers and competitors.
  • Reach prospects at the right moment and be read by more interested prospects.
  • Can measure responses to their campaigns to gauge which have been the most profitable.

Q6. Which 3 of the following are NOT Mass Communications Media?

  • Sales Force
  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • Direct Marketing
  • Interactive marketing

Q7. Which of the following is not a Sales Force Management Issue?

  • Sales Force Size
  • Informal Feedback
  • Training and Supervising sales representatives
  • Motivating Sales Representatives
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Marketing Mix Fundamentals Coursera Quiz Answers

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