Leadership Through Marketing Coursera Quiz Answers

All Weeks Leadership Through Marketing Coursera quiz answers

Leadership Through Marketing Week 3 quiz answers

Quiz 1: Module 3 Quiz

Q1. Why was it possible for the Moneyball story to happen in the 2000s and not before then, like in the 1990s or 1980s?

  • The data was not previously available
  • Statistical methods were not advanced enough until the 2000s
  • The benefits of advanced analytics were not apparent to most leaders in baseball prior to the 2000s
  • There was not enough statistical talent interested in baseball prior to the 2000s

Q2. Complete this sentence: Data science…

  • Is not objective
  • Leaves room for judgment
  • Does not always provide clear-cut answers
  • All of the above

Q3. The search engine advertising graph from Video 3-2, Why Analytics Requires Managerial Judgment, timecode 1:53 fails to show that search engine advertising works because

  • There were not enough consumers in each group
  • Consumers in each group differ in their interest in buying a car
  • We did not measure the data on last-click attribution

Q4. The Harrah’s story from Video 3-3, Why Analytics Requires Process and Incentive Changes, timecode 00:32 illustrates that:

  • Analytics is hard to perform without top level management involvement
  • Analytics can drive business value
  • Analytics can serve to differentiate a company from its competitors
  • Analytics requires a holistic (360 degree) view of the customer
  • All of the above

Q5. The wine club story from Video 3-4, Why Analytics Has to Be Problem Driven, timecode 00:23 shows that the analytics proposed for their pro-active churn management failed because:

  • The winery had not designed customer touch points with analytics in mind
  • There were not enough customers who used the wine club to be able to build a good predictive model
  • The winery targeted the wrong customers

Q6. The fact that analytics is a leadership problem implies that:

  • Leaders need to have in-depth analytics expertise
  • Leaders need to be involved in making analytics decisions every step of the way
  • Every leader needs to know how to code

Q7. A working knowledge of data science allow you to:

  • Judge what good analytics looks like
  • Identify where analytics adds value
  • Lead with confidence
  • All of the above

Q8. To obtain a knowledge of data science you need to be good at:

  • Math and statistics
  • Computer science
  • Critical analytical thinking
  • All of the above

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Leadership Through Marketing Coursera Quiz Answers

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