Supply Chain Logistics Coursera Quiz Answers

All Weeks Supply Chain Logistics Coursera Quiz Answers

Supply Chain Logistics Week 1 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1: Motor Freight Assessment

Q1. Which are the advantages of Motor Freight over other modes? Select all answers below that apply.

  • Accessibility
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Convenience

Q2. In which type of transportation would you use a 53 foot container?


Q3. Which are the two of the four functions motor freight terminals usually serve? Select all answers below that apply.

  • Cross-Dock
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution Center
  • Pickup and Delivery

Q4. Which is the most important factor on which motor carriers compete?


Quiz 2: Air Freight Assessment

Q1. What is the major reason why some companies are moving products on a plane?

  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Reliability
  • Service

Q2. What different types of air equipment do air carriers use?

  • All-cargo airplanes
  • Belly cargo on commercial airliners

Q3. Would you say that airfreight is a very profitable industry? Select all answers below that apply.

  • Yes
  • No

Supply Chain Logistics Week 2 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1 : Inventory Assessment

Q1. What is cycle stock?

  • Inventory that protects against risk
  • Inventory that is never expected to be used
  • Inventory that goes up and down regularly
  • Inventory that should not fluctuate

Q2. What is safety stock? Select all answers below that apply.

  • Inventory maintained for normal sales
  • Inventory that is never expected to be used
  • Inventory maintained to buffer against uncertainties

Q3. Adding safety stock:

  • Increases overall inventory
  • Decreases overall inventory

Q4. All things being equal, if we have smaller more frequent replenishments, does average inventory increase or decrease?

  • Increase
  • Decrease

Supply Chain Logistics Week 3 Quiz Answers

Quiz 1 : Logistics Customer Service

Q1. Why is lead time important? Select all answers below that apply.

  • It is advertised to customers and represents a promise.
  • It is always the same.
  • Customers use it to plan their replenishments.

Q2. What is a typical fill rate goal?

  • 50-60%
  • 60-70%
  • 70-80%
  • 80-90%
  • 90-99%

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