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About Maximum Factors Problem CodeChef Solution

  • This is a coding contest based on algorithms, data structures, and problem-solving.
  • Organizer: The contest is hosted by NIT Trichy.
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Problem: Maximum Factors Problem CodeChef Solution

You are given an integer NN. Let KK be a divisor of NN of your choice such that K>1K>1, and let M=NKM=NK. You need to find the smallest KK such that MM has as many divisors as possible.

Note: UU is a divisor of VV if VV is divisible by UU.

Input Format

  • The first line of the input contains an integer TT – the number of test cases. The test cases then follow.
  • The only line of each test case contains an integer NN.

Output Format

For each test case, output in a single line minimum value of KK such that MM has as many divisors as possible.


  • 1≤T≤30001≤T≤3000
  • 2≤N≤1092≤N≤109

Sample Input 1 


Sample Output 1 



  • Test case 11: The only possible value for KK is 33, and that is the answer.
  • Test case 22: There are two cases:
    • K=2K=2. Then M=42=2M=42=2, which has 22 divisors (11 and 22).
    • K=4K=4. Then M=44=1M=44=1, which has 11 divisor (11).

Therefore the answer is 22.

  • Test case 33: There are three cases:
    • K=2K=2. Then M=62=3M=62=3, which has 22 divisors (11 and 33).
    • K=3K=3. Then M=63=2M=63=2, which has 22 divisors (11 and 22).
    • K=6K=6. Then M=66=1M=66=1, which has 11 divisor (11).

Contest Details:

  • This is an External Rated Contest.
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Start time: 30th December 2021, 20:00 hrs IST
  • End time: 30th December 2021, 23:00 hrs IST
    You may check your timezone here.
  • This contest is rated only for Division 2 and Division 3 users. Division 1 users can participate unofficially in this contest.

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