LinkedIn Outlook Skill Assessment Answers

Get LinkedIn Outlook Skill Assessment Answers

1. Each_____can be assigned two default signatures for____.

  • none of these answers
  • email account; new messages and replies or forwards
  • user; new messages and replies
  • user; new messages and replies or forwards

2. When adding an email account to Outlook, why might you need to enter the server settings manually?

  • the server is not on the list of Microsoft-approved servers.
  • Outlook cannot detect the proper settings for your server automatically.
  • You do not have an email server
  • You did not write down your password

3. Which is NOT a good reason to create a new calendar?

  • to use as a shared calendar with colleagues
  • to keep track of personal events in a work setting
  • to isolate meetings and important dates for a project team
  • to have a different view of your calendar

4. What is a key difference between flagging a message for follow-up and creating a task from the item?

  • You can set a reminder for a task, but not for a flagged item.
  • A task can be assigned to another person while a flagged item cannot be delegated.
  • all of these answers
  • The flagged message appears only in the inbox folder; the task appears in the To-Do Bar and task list.

5. How can you quickly locate emails with large attachments?

  • Sort the messages by size then filter by Has: Attachments.
  • Sort the messages by sender.
  • Sort the messages by Has: Attachments then by size.
  • Sort the messages by Has: Attachments and then filter by Is: Large

6. What is the fastest way to find a message sent by Bonnie Bradford that includes an attachment?

  • Enter”Bonnie Bradford attachment” in the search box.
  • Search for “has: attachments” and then filter by Bonnie Bradford.
  • Search based on sender then filter by Has Attachments.
  • all of these answers

7. Under what conditions can you successfully recall a message?

  • if the email was sent within the pase 24 hours
  • if the email is still in your outbox
  • only when the recipient is also using Outlook
  • only if the email is plain text without attachments

8. Outlook autocompletes email addresses you have used previously, including addresses that you mistyped. How can you remove an incorrect autocomplete suggestion?

  • Delete the corresponding contact.
  • Wait until the suggestion appears again, then highlight it and press the Delete key.
  • Close Outlook, reboot your computer, and restart Outlook
  • Search the autocomplete library, select the incorrect suggestion, and then click Delete

9. What permission allows your delegates to read, create, change, and delete items that they create, but not items that you created?

  • Author
  • Reviewer
  • Editor
  • Reader

10. You created a meeting for next Tuesday at 2 P.M., and several invites have accepted. How do you change the meeting so it will begin at 1. P.M. and last for one hour?
A. Open the calendar in Day, Week, or Work, week view. Drag the start time to 1 P.M. and send an updateB. Double-click the meeting to open it, change the start time to 1 P.M., and send an update.C. Some people have already accepted, so you must cancel this meeting and create a new meeting.

  • C
  • B
  • A
  • A or B

11. When you @mention a colleague in an email message, what does NOT happen?

  • @ appears next to the message in your colleague’s inbox.
  • Your colleague’s name is highlighted in the message
  • @ appears next to the email in your Sent Items folder (Sent folder in Outlook for Mac.)
  • The colleague is automatically added to the To line

12. While using Focused Inbox, you notice that Outlook sometimes puts important messages from a specific customer on th Another tab. How do you fix this for future messages?

  • Right-click a message that was incorrectly organized and click Move to Focused.
  • Right-click a message that was incorrectly organized and click Always Move to Focused.
  • Close the Outlook application and relaunch.
  • Locate that customer in the people Hub and select the Focused check box.

13. What is an appropriate use for voting buttons?

  • asking your colleagues to choose their favorite lunch spot from a list
  • all of these answers
  • asking your supervisor to prioritize a list of tasks
  • sending customers a three-question survey about a recent service experience

14. Why might you create an additional contacts folder?

  • all of these answers
  • to store contacts to share with colleagues
  • to make it faster to search your contacts
  • to avoid exceeding 500 contacts per folder limit

15. In the Outlook interface shown below, why is the Show as Conversations option grayed out?

  • The Inbox folder is sorted by size.
  • The People peek is open and Sally Kerner’s card has focus.
  • A focused inbox is being used
  • The People peek is open and has focus.

16. What can you set a reminder for in Outlook?

  •  all of these answers
  •  contacts
  •  email messages
  •  appointments and meetings

17. What is the default permission that other people in your organization have to your calendar?

  •  none of these answers
  •  They can edit.
  •  They can view all details.
  •  They can view titles and locations.

18. You are running low on Outlook storage space. How might you address this problem?

  •  all of these answers
  •  Archive messages you are done with.
  •  Save and then remove large attachments from messages
  •  Sort by size and then delete large messages.

19. What address box should you use if you want to hide message recipients from each other?

  •  Bcc
  •  to
  •  cc
  •  From

20. You are creating a new email message to Diane and Joey. You need a response from Diane, but are simply informing Joey. How should you address the email?

  •  to Diane and Joey
  •  to Diane and bcc Joey
  •  to Joey and bcc Diane
  •  to Diane and cc Joey

21. What is the key difference between an appointment and a meeting?

  •  A meeting includes other people
  •  An appointment is automatically marked as busy while a meeting is marked as tentative
  •  An appointment can be all day, while a meeting has specific start and end time
  •  A meeting has specific start and end times

22. Review the image below. From right to left, in which order will these three time zones be displayed in the calendar?

  • As Listed In The Settings: Detroit, Chicago, London
  • Alphabetically: Chicago, Detroit, London
  • Depends on other settings
  • Chronologically: London, Detroit, Chicago

23. You need to send an email to all the department heads in your company at 6:30 A.M. tomorrow. What is the best way to do this today?

  • Create the message and then forward it to a personal account so you can send it from home.
  • Create the message, set the “Do not deliver before” option (or the Send Later option on Mac) for tomorrow at 6:30 A.M., and then shut down Outlook.
  • Create the message, set the “Do not deliver before” option (or the Send Later option on Mac) for tomorrow at 6:30 A.M., and make sure Outlook is running.
  • Create the message, set the “Expires After” option to tomorrow at 6:30 A.M., and make sure Outlook is running

24. What do you call a group of people who have permission to access shared Office 365 resources?

  • A Group
  • B Distribution List
  • C Contact list
  • D None of these

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