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The third course in the Building Your Freelancing Career specialization will help learners get their business plan ready to be public-facing and start finding work. The course will cover topics such as how to set boundaries with projects, how to build a public-facing portfolio and materials, and how to present one’s work.

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Launching Your Freelancing Business Coursera Quiz Answers

Week 01 Quiz Answers

Go to Market Quiz Answers

Q1. How will your customers know if they want to buy from you?

  • Your outstanding marketing flyer
  • A strong brand positioning
  • Your natural charisma
  • Your strong reputation

Q2. Creating a physical product involves trying to get the product “on the shelf” at a variety of stores where people can discover and buy it.

However, when you create a service, which is the best way to get that service “on the shelf” or in front of potential customers?

  • Get an ad on the jumbotron at a sporting event
  • Make business cards
  • Set up distribution channels
  • Find buyers by walking through store aisles and talking to people

Q3. Which of the following are ways you can gain exposure for your freelancing business?

Select all that apply.

  • Exhibiting at a trade show
  • Host a launch party
  • Running a promotion
  • Do research online

Q4. When growing your business, you may want to act like another type of professional. Which one?

  • Baseball player running around the bases
  • Teacher taking attendance
  • Scientist running experiments
  • Doctor diagnosing illnesses

Q5. Alina is an illustrator who completes a project for the author of a children’s book. The book is published and goes on to become a bestseller.

What can Alina do to leverage the success of this project?

Select all that apply.

  • Ask the author if she can recommend Alina to other authors for projects
  • Write her own book
  • Ask the author if she can help with her next children’s book
  • Ask the author if she can create a case study about the project

Q6. Which of the following practices are necessary for a freelancer to be able to go-to-market successfully?

Select all that apply.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Lean Manufacturing

Week 02 Quiz Answers

Speaking Your Customers’ Language Quiz Answers

Q1. What does branding do for a business?

  • It helps you set up a new website
  • It assists you in sending invoices
  • It prevents failure
  • It promises customers what to expect

Q2. Angel is setting up a creative studio where she will create brands for other companies. She decides to call it “Angel’s Logos.”

What might be a problem with this brand name? Select all the answers that apply.

  • This name might already be in use by a similar company
  • This name may be limiting if Angel decides to offer other types of graphic design work
  • This name is confusing and doesn’t explain what she does
  • This name implies that Angel will always be creating the logos

Q3. Which of the following elements should be included in a style guide? Select all that apply.

  • Pricing
  • Colors
  • Logos
  • Fonts

Q4. Once a brand’s style guide is established, the brand elements need to be applied to all kinds of materials to promote the company. What is this called?

  • Consistent Design System
  • Brand Blitz
  • Brand Bonanza
  • Creative Cascade

Q5. Where can you use a description of your business that includes what you do, why you do it, and how you can work together?

Select all the answers that apply.

  • Social Media
  • Graffiti on Public Property
  • Freelancing Marketplaces
  • Business Website

Q6. What is an Elevator Pitch?

  • A short description of your business that you can deliver in just a few minutes
  • A contest to see how far strong people can throw elevators
  • The angle of an elevator door
  • A advertisement displayed in an elevator

Q7. Which of the following statements contains the most compelling product positioning?

  • We make hot, fresh pizza for pick up
  • We make hot, fresh pizza for delivery
  • We make pizza
  • We make gourmet, woodfired pizza from organic ingredients at your home for impressive parties

Q8. What are some of the strategies to manage your business more efficiently?

Select all the answers that apply.

  • Create an amazing custom solution for every customer
  • Communicating value to the customer
  • Set up bundles or packages
  • Offer unlimited revisions of the project

Q9. Which of the following groups of activities has the best ways to attract customers to your business?

  • Saving interesting articles, watching videos, setting timers for doing work
  • Designing business cards, postcards and a flyer
  • Referrals, job boards, blogging on your website
  • Researching, asking questions, making plans

Q10. Where are some of the places you should check before deciding on a name for your business? Select all that apply.

  • Trademark Office and State Business Authorities
  • Social Media
  • Internet Search
  • Television Shows

Q11. Which is a classical marketing model that describes the cognitive steps of the customer journey?

  • ABOVE (Activate, Believe, Own, Verify, Evaluate)
  • BUTTER (Buying, Using, Trying, Telling, Earning, Returning)
  • COAL (Create, Organize, Align, Lead)
  • AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action)

Week 03 Quiz Answers

Attracting Customers Quiz Answers

Q1. Why are productivity tools and hacks so important to freelancers? Select all that apply.

  • You have to do just about everything in your business by yourself
  • Create consistency
  • You want to work 24/7 on your business
  • Time is money

Q2. When a freelancer wants to get help with aspects of their business, what should they prepare?

  • Calibrated Measurements
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Conversation Starters
  • Disclosure Agreement

Q3. Lara is a graphic designer who is looking for more consistent clients. She decides to share examples of her work on LinkedIn and Twitter with quick stories about how she works with clients and that she is open to new work opportunities.

Why would this strategy work? Select all that apply.

  • She is criticizing her competitors
  • She is posting on open networks where potential clients check several times a day
  • She has indicated that she is open to work
  • She is clearly communicating what she does

Q4. When a freelancer wants to position themselves as a thought leader, what types of content can they share?

  • Articles they write on their own website
  • Articles they post on social media or other people’s websites
  • Full articles by other people
  • Copy other people’s posts

Q5. Where can a freelancer find opportunities to speak to journalists and get quoted as an expert in the press?

  • LAVA
  • HARO

Q6. What does the acronym WIIFM stand for?

1 point

  • What’s In It For Me
  • We Inspire Information For Many
  • Watch Interest In Financial Matters
  • What Is Interesting For Management

Q7. What is the main reason people buy anything?

  • Financial Gain
  • Power
  • Jealousy
  • Transformation

Q8. What are the common show stoppers that may prevent a sale when a freelancer is talking with a potential client? Choose all that apply.

  • Not a decision maker
  • No budget
  • Already have a solution
  • Don’t see the need

Q9. Content creation doesn’t have to be complicated. Where are some of the places you could lay out your content as you brainstorm and create it? Select all that apply.

  • Spreadsheet
  • Content Calendar
  • Social Media Management Tool

Q10. What formats of content can you publish? Check all that apply.

  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Written posts

Week 04 Quiz Answers

Handling Your Business Quiz Answers

Q1. Al and Debbie own a restaurant and fire an employee. The employee feels that they were treated unfairly. The employee asks friends and family to post negative comments about the restaurant on popular review sites. Suddenly the restaurant attendance drops.

What can the couple do to manage the situation? Select all that apply.

  • Respond to bad reviews by blaming the bad employee
  • Contact the review websites to demand that bad reviews be removed
  • Apologize to the former employee and ask for their help to remove the bad reviews

Q2. When should a business ask for a review?

  • At the moment of delight
  • When a contract is signed
  • When an invoice is issued
  • When a project is halfway completed

Q3. Jack has an interesting service business idea and he wants to find clients quickly because he is anxious about his personal finances. He doesn’t want to wait around for clients to come to him, so he hops on social media where he very actively shares his opinions about politics, religion and current events. He has lots of friends so he starts to send direct messages offering this new service to all of his contacts. The conversations don’t seem to go anywhere.

What could be going on? Select all that apply.

  • Jack is not targeting well
  • Jack has a bad reputation
  • Jack is spamming
  • The clients are probably wrong about Jake

Q4. Asking clients or other business owners to recommend your business to potential clients is called asking for…

  • Reporting Structure
  • Rate of Interest
  • Referrals
  • Segmentation

Q5. Freelancing life can get busy. How can a freelancer make sure that they get required work done?

  • Spending time at networking events and industry conferences
  • Blocking out time in the calendar
  • Taking breaks for lunch and stretching
  • Taking Fridays off

Q6. How can a freelancer make sure that projects are done consistently?

  • Keep a project checklist
  • Get clients to give a lot of feedback and make changes
  • Have custom requirements for each project
  • Start projects on Mondays

Q7. When setting up project billing, many freelancers ask for milestone based payments. What are these?

  • Payments are triggered when agreed amounts of work have been delivered
  • Payments are made when the project is completed
  • Payments are made on the 1st of every month
  • Payments are made when clients have birthdays

Q8. Grady is a great website developer and he has been working super hard on a website for a client with very aggressive deadlines. The client is really stressed out and texts him with changes all weekend, early in the morning and late at night. Grady does his best to remain calm, cool, professional and get requests performed quickly.

The client’s contract states that Grady gets paid by the hour and Grady carefully tracks his time for each request. When the client gets the bill at the end of the month, she is livid that it is so high.

Grady is frustrated because he has worked so hard to keep this client happy and has had to turn away easier work to focus on the demanding client. The client is refusing to pay for the time that Grady tracked and asks Grady to lower his rate. Grady is stressed and unhappy working with this client, but it pays the bills.

What should he do?

  • Take the client to court for the full amount of the bill
  • Lower the hourly rate to get paid something and continue working with the client
  • Argue with the client about the unfair treatment and demand full payment
  • Get paid for completed work at or near the contracted rate and cut ties with the client in a professional manner
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