JSON.parse incorrect string format

Tutorial: JSON.parse incorrect string format

I have this string:

"{\\'Ovcount\\':\\'0\\',\\'S1\\':\\'LU\\',\\'S2\\':\\'NewClientOrMove\\',\\'memoToDisplay\\':\\'LU -- New Client or Move\\\"}"; 

and i want it to become like this:

'{"Ovcount":"0","S1":"LU","S2":"NewClientOrMove","memoToDisplay":"LU -- New Client or Move"}'

I tried with stringify and replace and i ended up with

"{'Ovcount':'0','S1':'LU','S2':'NewClientOrMove','memoToDisplay':'LU -- New Client or Move"}"

And from here i wanted to replace the single quotation marks ' with double quotation marks " but when i did, in beginning and ending of the string appeared an extra "\

"\ "{"Ovcount":"0","S1":"LU","S2":"NewClientOrMove","memoToDisplay":"LU -- New Client or Move\"}\ ""

Any tips on how to get the correct format?

Solution 1: JSON.parse incorrect string format

var result = "{\'Ovcount\':\'0\',\'S1\':\'LU\',\'S2\':\'NewClientOrMove\',\'memoToDisplay\':\'LU -- New Client or Move\"}"
  .replaceAll("'", '"')
  .replaceAll('\\', '');

this got me what you wanted, it replaces all the single quotes with double quotes, then it removes any ”

the result is

‘{“Ovcount”:”0″,”S1″:”LU”,”S2″:”NewClientOrMove”,”memoToDisplay”:”LU — New Client or Move”}’

Solution 2: JSON.parse incorrect string format

Try this, It might work!

let str = "{\'Ovcount\':\'0\',\'S1\':\'LU\',\'S2\':\'NewClientOrMove\',\'memoToDisplay\':\'LU -- New Client or Move\"}";
let result = str.replace(/\\/g, "");
console.log(result.replace(/'/g, '"'));


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