Which of the courses must an associate take if they are assigned to a GCP project

Which of the courses must an associate take if they are assigned to a GCP project?

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Google Cloud platforms in recent years are growing very fast.

That’s because pay for what you use commercial model and practically unlimited infrastructure.

Many analytical companies predicting the business for the cloud is going to grow.

Hundred and twenty-five billion dollars plus and Google Cloud Platform is not an exception.

If you look at the market share from 2015 to 2020, it is growing really really fast.

That’s because Google has a unique feature and that is this natural backbone and point of presence across the globe. They have fiber optic cable lives in the sea and they have connected the whole world together. a growing business means growing the skill set requirement.

Whether it is application or platform or infrastructure and certification makes really good the difference when you’re working in an I.T. services company or Enterprises you are reskilling yourself and putting that in your resume.

Some of the certifications which Google provides are cloud engineers, cloud architects, developer cloud it engineers, cloud networks, and security engineers.

You will get almost all the certifications available on the Google Cloud Platform in this Course.

List of Services this Course Covered:

The list of services which we are going to cover is App Engine, computer engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud function, cloud run all the services where you deploy your application as a computing platform.

We also cover cloud storage, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud firestore, Cloud SQL, Cloud persistent disk, and all the services related to database and storage.

We are going to cover cloud VPC, Cloud load balancer, Cloud CDN, Cloud interconnects, Cloud DNS all the services related to networking and its subcomponents. We are also going to cover the big Query, Cloud dataflow, Cloud data proc, Cloud Data lab, and Cloud Pub/Sub related to all big data services inside the google cloud platform.
We are also going to cover cloud ML, Vision API, Speech API, NLP API’S and many more related to machine learning, and we also understand the importance of understanding infrastructure services like Cloud IAM, Stackdriver, deployment manager, Cloud Management API, and many more related to the cloud.

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Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations

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