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Week 01: Conversational English Skills Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 1-3

Which of the following is true?

  • Christine has had her hair cut.
  • Katherine has had her hair cut.
  • Christine wants to know where to have her hair cut.

Which statement is true about Kevin?

  • He is always very busy.
  • He is recently very busy.
  • He is very busy today.

What is the relationship between Kevin and Katherine?

  • They are friends who haven’t met for a long time.
  • They know each other very well.
  • This is the first time they have met each other.

What sport does Katherine want to play?

  • Football.
  • Rugby
  • Basketball.

Why does Kevin say Katherine and Christine are “like sisters”?

  • They have been close friends since they were children.
  • They share everything they have
  • They are cousins who live together.

From the dialogue, who also loves Kate, besides Christine?

  • Christine’s parents.
  • Christine’s mother.
  • Christine’s teacher.

Where did Joyce visit?

  • Xi’an.
  • Guangzhou.
  • Shanghai.

What did Joyce bring back home?

  • Picture books.
  • Pictures.
  • Food.

Where is Kevin from?

  • Georgia.
  • Boston.
  • London.

How does Betsy call Kevin?

  • Kevin.
  • Kev.
  • Kevin Ingram.

Test 1-4

Who is a new student here?

  • Fabian.
  • Yunling.
  • None of them.

Where does Fabian come from?

  • He is from Australia.
  • He is from Colombia.
  • He is from the United States

What kind of music does Yunling love?

  • Pop music.
  • Rap.
  • Rock and Roll.

Which singer do Fabian and Yunling both like?

  • Taylor Sweet
  • Taylor Swift
  • Tony Swift

Which of the following is NOT true?

  • Mr. Li is very strict
  • He is an English teacher.
  • He is very friendly.

Test 1-5

The name of the most handsome teacher in the video is ______.

  • Mr. Glenn Davis
  • Mr. Davis Glenn
  • Mrs. Glen Davis

If you call someone by their first name, it is considered ________.

  • rude
  • more friendly
  • not formal

The most common baby name for boys in the United States in 2013 was _____.

  • Jackson
  • Andrew
  • Mark

Which of the following questions is not good to ask?

  • Do you have any plans for the coming holiday?
  • How old are you?
  • What’s your favorite TV program?

What is the most important thing to do when meeting someone new?

  • Taking care of your new friend.
  • Being honest and always telling the truth.
  • Being friendly.

Test 1-6

According to He Yi, she likes _____

  • the pizza in France, the beer in Italy, the dessert in Germany
  • the pizza in Germany, the beer in Italy, the dessert in France.
  • the pizza in Italy, the beer in Germany, the dessert in France.

What is Zhang Zhiwei’s major?

  • Chinese literatures
  • British literature
  • American literature

Prof. Yang wants to forget about her _____.

  • age
  • family
  • job

In London, people may call each other love to show that they are trying to be _____.

  • familiar
  • friendly.
  • intimate

When one asks questions, the other may try to end the conversation by ______.

  • find other topics
  • refuse to answer the question
  • answer very briefly

Test 1-8

Which of the following expressions can be used when you meet someone for the first time? [Check all that apply]

  • Is this seat taken?
  • Are you new here?
  • Can I help you?

In this unit, which of the following topics were covered? [Check all that apply]

  • One’s cultural background
  • How to greet people
  • Which topics to avoid when meeting someone new

Which of the following are true? [Check all that apply]

  • Most Western people have only one name.
  • You can ask someone how he or she would like to be called.
  • You can not call a stranger by his or her first name without asking for permission.

From the self-introductions of 6 American students, we can infer that _____.

  • rugby is the most popular sport in America
  • basketball is the most popular sport in America
  • hiking is popular in America

Which of the following is safe to talk about when you meet someone new? [Check all that apply]

  • Movies.
  • Books.
  • Sports.

The purpose of this MOOS is to —–.

  • prepare learners to get a good job
  • improve learners’ skills in oral communication
  • help learners to get to know people from the United States

Glenn, the Canadian teacher, mentioned in the Cultural Focus video that the most popular girl’s names in 2013 were _____. [Check all that apply]

  • Joyce
  • Emma
  • Sophia

According to Tom, which of the following is the best way to study this unit?

  • Recite the words and expressions.
  • Copy all the polite ways of addressing people.
  • Listen to the videos, read aloud and review the useful phrases.

Week 02: Conversational English Skills Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 2-3

How many pets does Kevin have?

  • Eleven.
  • Four.
  • Seven.

List the subjects Kevin, his sister and his brother take.

  • Music, Chinese, French and other foreign languages
  • Music, Chinese, Russian and Foreign Affairs
  • Music, Chinese, Russian and other foreign languages

Which of the following is NOT true?

  • Kevin’s grandparents studied at North Georgia University.
  • Kevin has four dogs and seven cats.
  • Kevin’s parents dug a fish pond for him.

Why does Kate think her friends are also like her family?

  • They need help and company.
  • They are very close to her.
  • They are her classmates and playmates.

What job did Kate’s father have before he retired?

  • He used to be a therapist.
  • He used to work at a newspaper, reviewing movies.
  • He used to work for film corporations.

What do Christine’s parents do?

  • Her Father is an accountant and her mother is a doctor.
  • Her parents are accountants at a firm in Pittsburgh.
  • Her father is an accountant and her mother is an assistant to a doctor.

Christine and Katherine are such good friends because _____.

  • they feel like soulmates and they love to share a lot
  • their parents know each other very well
  • Christine is the only child in her family

Which of the following is true about Kirk?

  • Kirk believes that playing basketball is good way to spend time with friends.
  • Kirk doesn’t like playing basketball at all.
  • Kirk wanted to meet Stanley and Michael to borrow a basketball.

Which of the following is true about Stanley and Michael?

  • Stanley likes to play basketball because it is relaxing and fun.
  • Both Michael and Stanley like to play basketball.
  • Michael likes playing basketball because it makes him stronger and taller.

Why does Christine think that Dillon is star-struck?

  • He wants to be a member of Hanhan’s fan club.
  • He admires David Beckham and became a member of his fan club.
  • He has a good collection of Hanhan’s photos.

Test 2-4

Instead of just judging based on a person’s appearance, Katherine believes that _________.

  • common people will end up happy
  • we only judge other people by first impression
  • a person’s personality is more important

Which of the following statements is true?

  • You can’t change your appearance, so you need to show your strengths.
  • Katherine believes that we shouldn’t judge people on appearance.
  • Katherine believes that in real life people prefer appearance over personality.

Why does Christine feel nervous about her appearance?

  • She is afraid that the judges of a speech competition she has entered will prefer pretty girls.
  • She is a pretty girl, but she is worried about her performance in the speech competition.
  • She is worried because she doesn’t have enough time to practice for the speech competition.

Which of the following statements is true about Reuben?

  • He is a serious boy who takes care of everybody.
  • He works hard, even though he is the smartest student in his physics class.
  • He is pleasant to be with, and is the smartest in his Chinese class.

According to her friends, Meredith is ______________.

  • a quiet girl, but can be talkative when she knows her friends well
  • an open-minded girl, but too shy to talk with friends
  • a shy and quiet girl who does not have friends

Which of the following descriptions of Marlena is true?

  • She is shy and says little to her friends.
  • She loves to listen to her friends rather than talk with them.
  • She talks a lot and she is fun to be around.

How long have Jolie and Joyce( in the last conversation) known each other?

  • Three years.
  • Two years.
  • One year.

What is Wang Jolie good at?

  • She is energetic and kind-hearted.
  • She is good at coordinating and she is considerate.
  • She teaches English in rural areas during vacations.

Why is Jason so quiet?

  • He is a bit shy and he prefers to listen.
  • He is too isolated as an engineer.
  • He stays in the lab all the time, and he prefers to keep silent.

How does Jason introduce his brother?

  • Zheyu is also a college student, majoring in engineering.
  • Zheyu is smart and proud.
  • Zheyu is a lovely boy and he is very hard-working.

Test 2-5

Who has bought chocolate for their mother?

  • Stanley.
  • Stanley and Emily.
  • Emily.

What does the mother promise to buy for Emily?

  • A new skirt.
  • A new watch.
  • A new T-shirt.

When can Stanley play computer games?

  • He can play after he finishes his homework.
  • He can play after dinner.
  • He can play any time.

Is Stanley’s mother strict with him?

  • Yes, Stanley’s mother loves Emily better.
  • Yes, Stanley is not allowed to play computer games at home.
  • Yes, Stanley can only play computer games after finishing his homework.

Which of the following statements about Tian Yuan is true?

  • She is worried about her performance in an English dictation.
  • She feels worried about being late.
  • Her math test did not go well.

What is Tian Yuan’s mother’s advice on dealing with her problem with Lily?

  • She wants Tian Yuan to apologize to Lily.
  • She believes that Lily will feel sorry for her behavior.
  • She wants to meet Lily and say sorry for Tian Yuan.

According to Tian Yuan’s mother, what is important for being a good friend?

  • Good friends should care for each other.
  • Good friends should be aware of their own shortcomings.
  • Good friends don’t need to say sorry to each other.

What does Tian Yuan think of her mother?

  • Her mother is her best friend who shares everything with her.
  • Her mother is a good teacher.
  • Her mother is strict but kind.

Test 2-6

According to Graham, which of the following is important among friends?

  • Being honest with respect.
  • Telling white lies, if necessary.
  • Trying your best to help your friend.
  • Would Madison tell her friend the truth?
  • She would respect her friend and not tell her she actually put on more weight.
  • She wouldn’t tell her friend that she is not losing any weight.
  • She would not hurt her friend, but she would be honest and tell her the real facts.

Why do you think Fabian and Graham are good friends?

  • Graham always hopes that he will win the competition.
  • They love to share both good and bad moments.
  • Graham is trying to be the first one to go to the ceremony.

Why does Fabian say that Graham is a real friend?

  • Graham never hesitates to help those in trouble. .
  • Graham is always there for Fabian, no matter whether he is happy or sad.
  • Graham has just lost a game, but he tried to hide his sadness.

According to Fabian, what should a real friend do?

  • He believes that Graham won’t feel as happy as he does for his success.
  • He is eager to contact Graham to share his own happiness.
  • He hopes Graham will do better next time.

Will Graham eventually give up?

  • No, he finds his work very tough, but he will keep trying.
  • No, he can not figure out his problem himself and he will ask for help.
  • Yes, he has read a lot and now he can hardly finish his experiment.

Why does the girl (in the last dialogue) feel bad?

  • Graham is late for the appointment.
  • Graham is trying to end their friendship.
  • Graham forgot to take her out to dinner again.

What might Graham do to make up for being late?

  • He will bribe his friend with a box of chocolates.
  • They will have dinner together and have a good time.
  • He will take her out to go to a movie.

From the last dialogue, we know that _____.

  • the girl has good reason to complain, because Graham is always late.
  • Graham is only late this time because of a traffic accident
  • the time of their appointment was inconvenient to Graham

Test 2-7

What does Mr. Davis believe people around the world want?

  • A loving family and friends to have fun with.
  • A large family and many good friends.
  • A good life and long holidays.

What do Westerners think is proper?

  • You need to give your boss a firm handshake when meeting him for the first time.
  • You should try to impress your boss with a firm handshake and a warm hug.
  • You should keep eye contact with your boss when meeting him for the first time.

In Western countries, what do couples usually do in public?

  • They may hug and shake hands with each other.
  • They often say “I love you” to their friends.
  • They may hug, kiss and hold hands.

What is true about marriage in most Western countries?

  • They won’t easily get a divorce because families are important for them.
  • They are more concerned about love than money or status.
  • They care a lot about educational and family background.

What are Mr. Davis’s suggestions for making friends with foreigners?

  • Be active and try to involve your foreign friends in conversations.
  • Do not ask any personal questions.
  • Be friendly and have a big smile.

Test 2-8

James has not seen his family for s_____ months. [Answer the question with one word in appropriate form]

James and his brother usually wake up early on Christmas day and run ______ to find ______ under the tree. [Answer the question with one word each in appropriate form. And use semicolon”;” to separate the answers for different blanks]

For Christmas, James’s family usually have a dinner of t______, mashed ______, bread and s______. [Answer the question with one word each in appropriate form. And use semicolon”;” to separate the answers for different blanks]

James has one ______ brother, Luke, who is 22 years old. [Answer the question with one word in appropriate form]

Luke, James’s brother, studied ________ and now teaches some ______ courses at Pennsylvania State University. [Answer the question with one word each in appropriate form. And use semicolon”;” to separate the answers for different blanks]

James like a Chinese food, which is called “Kung Pao ______.” [Answer the question with one word in appropriate form]

How often does Lily go home to meet her parents? Once a _________. [Answer the question with one word in appropriate form]

According to _________, _______ like to go shopping together and sometimes go to restaurant. [Answer the question with one word each in appropriate form. And use semicolon”;” to separate the answers for different blanks]

Test 2-10

Both Graham and Madison agree that _____.

  • respecting your friends is more important than telling them the truth
  • telling lies is not acceptable, for it might hurt your friends even more
  • being honest and sincere with friends is important

Fabian and Graham are good friends because they _____.

  • share their happy and sad moments
  • keep secrets for each other
  • often play together and care about each other

From the conversation among Ms.Yang, Meredith, Marlena and Reuben, we know that _____.

  • both Reuben and Marlena study Chinese and art
  • the three of them are talkative and open-minded
  • both Reuben and Meredith are art majors

What can parents do to help their kids to get out of trouble?

  • Tian Yuan’s mother encourages her to deal with her conflict with her friend by saying sorry.
  • Tian Yuan’s mother offers to talk with her friend and say sorry for her.
  • Stanley’s parents care more about his studying.

From Mr. Davis’s introduction, we know that ____.

  • a weak grip shows that you are shy
  • holding hands in public is impolite
  • a firm handshake shows that you are confident

Week 03: Conversational English Skills Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 3-3

1. What does Fabian say that his friends are going to have for lunch?

  • Fast food
  • Korean food
  • Chinese food

Madison thinks that most traditional Korean food is ____.

  • spicy
  • sweet
  • salty

What kind of food does Yunling like best?

  • Sandwich.
  • Hotdogs.
  • Pizza.

What kind of food does Madison not like?

  • Greasy food.
  • Sour food.
  • Sweet food.

What does Graham think about Chinese food?

  • It is not nutritious although it tastes good.
  • It is nutritious and delicious.
  • It is spicy and sweet.

What food does Madison decide to try?

  • Rice noodles with egg.
  • Noodles with mutton.
  • Rice noodles with beef.

How does food from Shanghai taste?

  • It is light,not spicy, tasty and healthy.
  • It is sweet, tasty, healthy and salty.
  • It is spicy, tasty and delicious.

When Cindy talks about Melbourne, her hometown, she first mentions______.

  • barbecue
  • Angus beef
  • coffee

What food does Cindy think people in Melbourne love to have on weekends?

  • Kangaroo burgers.
  • Barbecue.
  • Beef.

In Summer, a lot of Australians will visit Bondi beach in Sydney, because _____.

  • it is related to James Bond
  • they want to know why it is one of the most famous beaches in the world
  • beaches are an important part of Australian culture

In Gold Coast,you may find which of the following?

  • Dream Land.
  • Adventure parks.
  • Water Parks.

Which of the following expressions best describes Australians?

  • Easy to get along with.
  • Easy-going.
  • Laid-back.

Test 3-4

For Stanley, which of the following is available for breakfast?

  • Milk, bread, biscuit and orange.
  • Egg, bread, biscuit, and milk.
  • Bread, biscuits, milk, ice-cream.

What did Stanley and his friends eat last time at Stanley’s home?

  • Dumplings.
  • Dumplings and noodles.
  • Rice and vegetables.

Mike does not like the food in the canteen because _____.

  • he doesn’t know what the canteen is offering today
  • he doesn’t like pizza
  • he misses the food his mother cooks

Which of the following is NOT true for Stanley?

  • He wants to save time to prepare for his exam.
  • His mother doesn’t cook at home.
  • His parents are too busy to cook for him.

Stanley wants to have dinner at home because _____.

  • he does not like hotpot
  • he thinks it is convenient
  • he is really tired

What will Stanley and Emily’s mother buy to cook at home?

  • Bread, beer, vegetables.
  • Beers, pork, fish, and vegetables.
  • Mutton, beer, fish balls, and vegetables.

Test 3-5

Which of the following statements is true?

  • It is common for the Chinese to eat from the same dishes.
  • It is rude in China to let each person get his own plate.
  • It is considered rude for Westerners to share food with their friends.

Who does not use any knives, forks or chopsticks while eating?

  • Westerners.
  • Indians.
  • Chinese.

Which of the following is true?

  • People in Thailand also use a spoon and a fork to eat.
  • It is considered rude to touch food with your hands in every country.
  • Most Westerners do not know how to use chopsticks.

What foods can be touched with your hands in most countries?

  • vegetables
  • French fries and pizza
  • meat

Which of the following statements is true?

  • Muslims can’t eat pork and beef.
  • Hindus can’t eat mutton and pork.
  • Hindus can’t eat beef.

Which of the following is NOT true about eating meat?

  • It may be different from country to country.
  • Both vegans and vegetarians will not eat any food that is related to an animal.
  • It may depend on one’s religion and culture.

What kind of food is considered to be related to animals?

  • Honey, fish, meat and yogurt.
  • Fish, pork, bread and cheese
  • meat, milk and beer

When will people say a short prayer before they eat?

  • Most people will pray when they eat at home.
  • People will usually pray before they eat dinner.
  • People pray whenever they eat.

According to Mr. Davis, when do we need to be more careful about our table manners?

  • For big holiday meals.
  • For the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner only.
  • For university graduation ceremon

Test 3-6

Do Paul and his son have a reservation?

  • No, they will come back soon.
  • No, they don’t want to sit by the fence.
  • No, they decided to come back the next day.

What dish does the waitress recommend to Paul and Corin?

  • Crispy duck.
  • Fried chicken.
  • Beijing duck.

What drink does Paul order?

  • A bottle of beer.
  • A bottle of mineral water.
  • A bottle of juice.

What food does Jessica order on the phone?

  • A double cheeseburger.
  • A family-set hamburger.
  • A hamburger and French fries.

What kind of drink does Jessica order?

  • Sprite.
  • Juice.
  • Cola.

What is not included in the price of the buffet?

  • Drinks.
  • Ice-cream.
  • Dessert.

What does “stuffed” mean?

  • They did not want to have any more fruit.
  • They were not hungry any more.
  • Their stomachs were very full.

Test 3-7

Which state of America does James come from?

  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • The North Carolina

How long has James stayed in China?

  • 2 years
  • 3 years
  • 2.5 years

Which city is the biggest city in Pennsylvania?

  • Pittsburg
  • Philadelphia
  • Erie

Which of the following food is not mentioned when James talked about Christmas?

  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Turkey
  • Mushroom

Outside America, how many countries does James mention?

  • 5
  • 3
  • 4

What do American college students not usually eat in their daily life?

  • Hotdogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Mashed potatoes

Which food did James mention that is delicious but not very healthy?

  • Roast beef sandwiches
  • Roasted hamburger
  • Red wine

What is the most popular beer company in Pennsylvania?

  • Heineken
  • Yan Jing
  • Yuengling

Which of the followings is a gas station with a restaurant in it?

  • McDonald’s
  • Arby’s
  • Wa-wa

Which state of America did James mention that can produce wine of good quality?

  • Florida
  • California
  • New York

Test 3-9

From this unit, we learn that good table manners include ________. [Check all that apply]

  • do not put your elbows on the table
  • do not reach across the table
  • pass dishes for the old and the young
  • pray before every meal

Which of the following statements about the seafood buffet in the story is wrong? [Check all that apply]

  • They ordered the salad first.
  • They tried to load their plates with as much dessert as possible.
  • They didn’t like ice-cream.
  • They walked in and the hostess showed them to their table.

Week 04: Conversational English Skills Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 4-3

Which subjects were talked about in the dialogue between Corin and Susan?

  • Art, P.E., design
  • P.E, math, art
  • P.E., art, design, English

What is Corin’s favorite subject?

  • P.E.
  • Math.
  • Art.

Why does Susan like art course?

  • She likes designing and painting.
  • She loves drawing and making things.
  • She thinks it is a creative and interesting course.

According to 郝村,it is important to _________.

  • experience other cultures and understand other ways of lives
  • improve Chinese
  • study English in an English-speaking country

What does 侯立明 think of Chinese parents sending their kids to study English abroad?

  • It is a good experience to live in American families to learn English.
  • It can be a good experience so they can get a different angle of education.
  • It is a good experience to study in an English-speaking country.

孟克海 suggests that the kid may have _______ if he or she lives with an American family.

  • difficulty in sharing their feelings
  • a language barrier
  • cultural shock

Which of the following descriptions is NOT true about the Lake District?

  • It has the longest lake and highest mountain in England.
  • It’s a famous mountainous region.
  • It’s a popular holiday destination, located in the south of Scotland.

From Emily’s conversation with her mother, we learn that ______.

  • she is doing some research about some interesting places in England
  • her mother asked her to plan a family trip to London
  • she is thinking of visiting London

What inspired William Wordsworth to write his poem?

  • He wrote the poem to please his beautiful sister.
  • His parents were always there to support him.
  • Beautiful daffodils blowing in the wind.

How many Harry Potter films have been made?

  • Seven.
  • Six
  • Eight.

What does “sticking with someone through thick and thin” mean?

  • always support or stay with someone even if there are problems
  • always pay for one’s debt
  • too difficult to see through

From the game, we learn that Kobe Bryant _______.

  • plays for the Los Angeles basketball team together with Michael Jordan
  • plays basketball for the team of Los Angeles.
  • plays better than Magic Johnson

Who is the tallest Chinese basketball player in America?

  • Yi Jianlian.
  • Yao Ming.
  • Jeremy Lin.

According to the dialogue, ___ is the really important incumbent president of the United States.

  • George W. Bush, the former President
  • Washington, the formal President
  • Obama, the incumbent President

Test 4-4

Julie believes that ___________.

  • learning English can guarantee that you will get a promotion.
  • English major students have better future careers than those majoring in engineering.
  • English is useful as it is the most important business language

Julie is majoring in _______.-

  • English and business administration
  • English and world trade
  • English and international affairs

Where does Jason come from?

  • University of Florida.
  • University of U C Berkeley.
  • University of Texas.

What program does Jason study at Tsinghua University?

  • English.
  • Engineering.
  • Chinese.

What does Louise study at Tsinghua University?

  • She studies music, and she wants to become a pianist.
  • Her major is English and her minor is music.
  • Her major is English and music.

Why does Liu Zheyu want to learn English well?

  • He wants to communicate better with his friends.
  • He wants to go abroad to study.
  • He loves to learn English.

Which of the following is NOT said about the best way of learning English?

  • Recite the textbook.
  • Recite a dictionary.
  • Hang around with American friends and talk to American teachers.

Julie believes that the secret of learning English is ______.

  • to be confident and sociable
  • to be brave and open your mouth
  • to make friends with people from different countries

Jessica believes she mostly needs to use English when she _____.

  • applies for a summer job or wants to get a promotion
  • takes IELTS or TOEFL
  • writes English literature essays or exams

Why does Stanley want to study English?

  • He needs to write essays in English.
  • He needs to watch English movies, do homework and read in English
  • He needs to prepare his job interview in English.

Which movie does Mike say that he has watched?

  • The Big Bang Theory.
  • Transformers.
  • Harry Potter.

Why does Lily watch American and British TV shows?

  • She wants to learn a lot about their different accents.
  • She is fascinated by American and British live shows.
  • She wants to learn a lot about their cultures.

Test 4-5

Why it is safe to use “British”to talk about people from the U.K.?

  • It is impolite to call someone “English” or “Scottish”.
  • People often take anyone from the U.K. as “English”.
  • The English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish are all “British”.

While chatting about football, many people stay in pubs and drink ______ with pint glasses.

  • beer
  • juice
  • wine

The Scottish traditions mentioned include _____.

  • The typical greeting among men in kilts
  • kilts, skirts, and other Scottish clothes
  • kilts, bagpipes, and golf

Which of the following is the third largest country in the U.K.?

  • Northern Ireland.
  • Scotland.
  • Wales.

How many people are there in Wales?

  • 4,000,000.
  • 2,000,000.
  • 3,000,000.

Who is Gareth Bale?

  • He is a football player from Scotland.
  • He is a basketball player from Wales.
  • He is a football player from Wales.

Northern Ireland is different from the other three countries because _____.

  • it doesn’t have famous sports players
  • it is very complicated both culturally and politically.
  • it is on a different island, and it has a small population

Why does Mr. Davis believe that you should try asking what part of the U.K. a British person is from?

  • The U.K. is interesting because the people from the four areas belong to four different parties.
  • People from four different areas can have different personalities and accents.
  • People in the four countries speak the same language.

Test 4-7

What you should do if you are too nervous to speak English?

  • Correct your pronunciations
  • Practice more
  • Listen to radios

What did Glenn suggest if you do not know which topic to talk when you speak English?

  • Always talk about weather
  • Choose a topic in your specific situation
  • Wait for other people to start a new topic

Why is Song Jian always nervous when he speaks English?

  • He can not find a good topic
  • He sometimes make mistakes
  • He does not know the grammar

In which part of English, as Glenn mentioned, spelling and grammar is more important?

  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Which province of China does Song Jian come from?

Which province of China does Song Jian come from?

  • Suzhou
  • Guizhou
  • Guangzhou

What does Glenn suggest to practice English if you are not living in the English-speaking environment?

  • Using Internet, finding friends in exchange-programs
  • Watching movies
  • Listening to music

What should you make more efforts on if you want to speak English as a native speaker?

  • Pronunciation
  • Intonation
  • Stress

Which language has Glenn learned?

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

What does Glenn recommend if you want to remember vocabulary?

  • Flash Cards
  • Find a language-partner
  • Watch movies

Which of the followings is not the difference between American English and British English?

  • Words whose last letter is R
  • Vowels
  • Stress

Test 4-9

Which subject do both Corin and Susan love best?

  • Art.
  • P.E.
  • Design.

How many countries are the UK divided into?

  • Four.
  • Three.
  • Five.

What is Harry Potter about?

  • It is a boy who faces a lot of challenges in his magic school.
  • It is about a youth who relies on his friends in difficult times.
  • It is about a boy who suffers a lot while living alone.

Which of the following ways of learning English have been talked about in this unit [Check all that apply]?

  • Recite the textbook.
  • Be brave and open your mouth.
  • Watch movies and TV series.
  • Read and write as much as possible.
  • Sing English songs.
  • Create a cultural isolation.

_____ is very popular among English people.

  • Football
  • Skiing
  • Basketball

If someone’s hometown is Northern Ireland, it means that _____. [Check all that apply]

  • He or she is from the U.K.
  • He or she is English
  • He or she is British

England is one of the most famous countries in the world for students because it has ____. [Check all that apply]

  • Oxford University
  • Edinburgh University
  • Cambridge University

Week 05: Conversational English Skills Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 5-3

Where is Yunling going?

  • The library.
  • The dining hall.
  • The sports center.

Where does Fabian study?

  • Library.
  • Classroom.
  • His dormitory.

How much money does Yunling’s mother give her every month?

  • Three thousand yuan.
  • One thousand yuan.
  • Two thousand yuan.

What did Yunling lose yesterday?

  • Cell-phone.
  • Wallet.
  • Bag.

What color is Fabian’s mobile phone?

  • White.
  • Gold.
  • Black.

Fabian’s phone number is ________.

  • 199-9999-3411
  • 189-9999-3400
  • 188-9999-3488

What movie will Madison and her friend go to watch?

  • Transformers.
  • Iron Man.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy.

What kinds of movies does Madison like?

  • All kinds of movies.
  • Love stories.
  • Action movies.

How did Madison get to the cinema?

  • By bus.
  • By subway.
  • By a school bus.

Which statements about the new cinema is true?

  • The cinema is close to the School of Architecture.
  • It was built in 2013.
  • Li Daozeng, a professor from the School of Art, is the designer.

Test 5-4

Where will Jessica and her friends visit during the weekend?

  • The Tiananmen Square.
  • The Olympic Park.
  • The Temple of Heaven.

Where will Jessica visit in the evening?

  • Beijing Botanical Garden.
  • The Temple of Heaven.
  • The Olympic Park.

How are Jessica and Liam planning to go to the park?

  • By bus.
  • By bicycle.
  • By metro.

What will Jessica explain to Liam over dinner?

  • She will tell Liam her vocation plan.
  • She will tell Liam her trip to the Bird’s Nest Stadium.
  • She will tell Liam the directions to the Olympic Park.

Which job does Zachary want to do eventually?

  • Becoming a journalist.
  • Becoming a teacher.
  • Becoming a tourist guide.

Why does Zachary think he can’t be a good teacher?

  • He thinks he is impatient.
  • He doesn’t like children.
  • He thinks he can never understand children.

Why can’t Zachary’s friend be a teacher?

  • He wants to become a writer.
  • He speaks too quickly.
  • He finds that teaching is boring.

How does Zachary’s friend talk with his friends?

  • He goes out and meets them.
  • He chats with them online every day.
  • He seldom talks with his friends.

Where will Zachary go to teach?

  • Yunnan.
  • Hangzhou.
  • Guangxi.

When will Zachary go to teach?

  • A week later.
  • Two weeks later.
  • A month later.

If the trip from Beijing to Shanghai is too long, Marlena prefers to _______.

  • go by train
  • take an express train
  • go by plane

Which of the three cities does Marlena believe is too expensive to visit?

  • Hong Kong.
  • Beijing.
  • Shanghai.

Where will Mark and Marlena go to visit Mark’s teacher?

  • Hong Kong.
  • Shanghai.
  • Liaocheng.

Where is Yunling’s hometown?

  • Wenzhou.
  • Hangzhou.
  • Shanghai.

Test 5-5

Whistler, the most famous ski area, is located in _____.

  • Canada
  • the United States
  • Switzerland

Which famous falls did Mr. Davis talk about?

  • Niagara Falls.
  • Huangguoshu Falls.
  • Yosemite Falls.

The Grand Canyon in the United States is a huge canyon, ____.

  • 1600 meters deep and over 400 kilometers long
  • 1500 meters deep and over 600 kilometers long
  • 1500 meters deep and over 400 kilometers long

Disney World is the most popular ___ in the world.

  • water park
  • theme park
  • vacation resort in the Summer

Niagara Falls is on the border between _____.

  • Canada and the United States
  • Canada and The Rocky Mountains
  • Canada and Alaska

Test 5-6

Which festival does Corin like most?

  • Christmas.
  • The Moon Festival.
  • Thanksgiving.

Why does Susan like Thanksgiving?

  • She loves to go to movies with her friends.
  • She can have lots of delicious foods like turkey and pumpkin pie.
  • She will visit the United States for her thanksgiving holiday.
    • What is Jaidee’s suggestion for Kirk?
  • He can learn more about the meaning of each Chinese holiday.
  • He can start by making Chinese friends.
  • He can start by learning Chinese customs.

Kirk’s teacher showed him _______.

  • birthday cakes
  • chocolate cakes
  • the moon cakes

Which festival does Kirk like most?

  • Halloween.
  • Christmas.
  • Thanksgiving.

Test 5-7

Dave is a ________for university?

  • freshman
  • sophomore
  • senior

What troubles Dave a lot?

  • having no time to play outside
  • having difficulty in his subjects
  • having a lot of homework to do

Why Jim gives Dave homework in English Class?

  • to make him busy
  • to improve his English
  • to prevent him from playing after class

What is the big problem for Dave now?

  • can not do what he wants to do
  • do not have very close friend
  • do not live near his family

What did Jim do to make friends when he was in university?

  • have different classes with different students
  • join several student organizations
  • chat on line

Which kind of sports does Dave like very much?

  • basketball
  • football
  • baseball

Which way below is not mentioned to solve Dave’s problem in his English?

  • looking for opportunities to practice English
  • asking Jim for help
  • watching some western TV shows and movies on-line

Which website is not mentioned by Jim to practice English?

  • Bing
  • Google
  • Yahoo

What is Dave’s major for his Ph.D?

  • mechanical engineering
  • biomedical engineering
  • electrical engineering

How can Dave find someone or a way to improve his researching skills?

  • ask professors or people around him in this field for help
  • read books
  • search online

Test 5-10

Why does Corin like Christmas? [Check all that apply]

  • He can watch interesting TV programs.
  • It is traditional.
  • It is interesting.
  • He can watch films.
  • He will get lots of presents.
  • He can eat out with his friends.

Activities for Halloween include ______. [Check all that apply]

  • costume parties
  • moon cakes
  • bonfires
  • trick or treating

Why does Zachary suggest his friend go to teach with him? [Check all that apply]

  • Teaching can cure his illness.
  • Teaching will be a lot of fun.
  • Teaching will help his social skills.

Which of the following festivals have been mentioned? [Check all that apply]

  • The Spring Festival.
  • Dragon Boat Festival.
  • Christmas.
  • Valentine’s Day.
  • Mid-Autumn Day.
  • New Year’s Eve.
  • April Fool’s Day.
  • Thanksgiving Day.
  • Halloween.

The auditorium at Tsinghua University was _______. [Check all that apply]

  • designed in 1913
  • designed by an American architect
  • designed by Liang Sicheng, a Chinese architect
  • designed in 1911
  • designed by Li Daozeng, a Chinese architect
  • How do people travel in North America? [Check all that apply]
  • Taking trains.
  • Drive their own cars.

The auditorium at Tsinghua University was _______. [Check all that apply]

  • designed in 1913
  • designed by an American architect
  • designed by Liang Sicheng, a Chinese architect
  • designed in 1911
  • designed by Li Daozeng, a Chinese architect

How do people travel in North America? [Check all that apply]

  • Taking trains.
  • Drive their own cars.
  • Take airplanes.

Why does Marlena want to visit Shanghai? [Check all that apply]

  • It has lot of business places.
  • It is industrialized.
  • It has a lot of historical places.

What does “tough” mean in “They’ve had a tough life”? [Check all that apply]

  • hard
  • difficult
  • violent
  • strict

What does “take action” mean in “We must take action to deal with the problem before it spreads to other areas”? [Check all that apply]

  • do something
  • start a legal process
  • start to take effect

Week 06: Conversational English Skills Coursera Quiz Answers

Test 6-3

What is Kevin’s hobby?

  • He loves playing guitar and singing.
  • He likes playing guitar and dancing.
  • He loves drawing and singing.

How does music affect Kevin?

  • Music helps him think.
  • Music really relaxes him.
  • Music makes him feel good.

What flowers are Christine’s favorite?

  • Sunflowers.
  • Roses.
  • Lilies.

How does Kevin feel about Christine’s garden?

  • He wishes that his parents would grow plants and vegetables soon.
  • He feels jealous.
  • He feels happy for Christine.

Christine is very lucky because she can ______.

  • eat fresh eggs from her farm
  • plant roses and other flowers in the school yard
  • eat fresh vegetables from her garden every day

How old was Stanley when he began to learn calligraphy?

  • Eight.
  • Ten.
  • Eleven.

Is Liam familiar with Chinese calligraphy?

  • No, this is his first visit to a Chinese Art Exhibition.
  • Yes, he has always loved Chinese drawing and calligraphy.
  • No, this is his first visit to China.

What sports does Mike like best?

  • Playing basketball and running.
  • Playing football and running.
  • Playing table tennis and running.

Lily loves to listen to music and draw because ____.

  • it is a good way of killing time
  • it helps her to have fun
  • it helps her to express herself

What is Stanley’s hobby that keeps him from getting sick?

  • Running.
  • Playing basketball.
  • Swimming.

Jessica loves to do both ______.

  • reading and writing
  • running and writing
  • running and reading

Why does Corin like climbing?

  • He is good at most sports.
  • He believes that climbing will help him grow taller.
  • He loves to climb up, sit there for a while and then carry on.

What does Jessica like as a hobby?

  • She loves skiing and swimming.
  • She loves running and reading.
  • She loves outdoor activities.

Who loves ancient history and why?

  • Susan, for she wants to draw comics about stories in history.
  • Corin, for he wants to study how people were in the past.
  • Corin, for he always wants to find out why we are different from each other.

Susan likes to draw because ______.

  • she can draw famous figures in ancient history
  • she can draw whatever she thinks of
  • she loves to copy great pieces of work

We can draw the conclusion from Susan and Corin’s chat that _____.

  • Susan’s parents often take her to the beach
  • Susan is good at swimming and she enjoys swimming in the pool
  • Susan loves all activities in the pool.

Why does Corin love to draw?

  • He loves to read stories with pictures.
  • He loves to read comics he draws himself.
  • He loves to make comics and stories.

Test 6-4

What will Jessica do during the weekend?

  • She will read novels or go out shopping with her classmates and friends.
  • She will stay home and read novels.
  • She will do extra math and English classes.

_______ parents believe that no play and all work make Jack a dull boy.

  • Both Jessica’s and Liam’s
  • Liam’s
  • Jessica’s

What does Corin do when he plays Go?

  • He enjoys himself while chatting with his friends.
  • He loves the game because he wants to play it with his father.
  • He thinks, analyzes and judges.

Why does Paul mean by saying “if you realize that you will lose the game”?

  • One has to think all the time in order to win the game.
  • One has to immerse oneself in the game to enjoy the process.
  • Everyone enjoys Go, because it is a wonderful game.

From the dialogue, we learn that it is _____ who wants Corin to play Go.

  • One has to think all the time in order to win the game.
  • One has to immerse oneself in the game to enjoy the process.
  • Everyone enjoys Go, because it is a wonderful game.

From the dialogue, we learn that it is _____ who wants Corin to play Go.

  • Corin’s father
  • Corin himself
  • Corin’s mother

What does Corin learn from playing Go?

  • He appreciates the time his father spends with him.
  • He finds it easier to concentrate and be patient.
  • He finds he has less time to do his homework.

One reason for Corin’s playing Go is that it may _____.

  • help him to concentrate
  • help him to become wise
  • give him a better chance to talk with his daddy

Test 6-5

From the dialogue, we may guess that Kirk is ______ years old.

  • 16
  • 24
  • 26

What is Jennifer’s advice on job hunting?

  • It is tough to find a job.
  • You can easily get a job before settling on your career.
  • You have a long way to go before figuring out what to do.

By “reconcile one’s hobbies and interests”, Jennifer means that _____.

  • one has to balance what one wants to and the job one finds.
  • one cannot always do what one wants to do
  • no one can fulfill one’s dream in real life

What does Cindy find difficult to choose between?

  • Her dream of becoming an artist or reality.
  • Her dream of becoming an artist or an art dealer.
  • Her wishes to become rich or being an artist.

What does know yourself well “inside out” mean?

  • It means you know exactly what others want you to be.
  • It means that you have a clear mind and will not take other’s ideas.
  • It means that you know yourself very well.

While looking for a job, it is important to think about your _____.

  • dreams and family circumstances
  • personality, expectations, hobbies, and circumstances
  • hobbies and educational background

Test 6-6

What is Liu Zheyu’s hobby?

  • Playing basketball.
  • Calligraphy
  • Surfing

Why does Amanda want to relax?

  • She likes relaxing activities such as reading and drawing.
  • She wants to do some relaxing activities with her grandfather.
  • She loves bingo and playing Chinese chess.

Bingo, a relaxing activities, _____.

  • works like Chinese chess
  • is easy to play and popular
  • does not like lottery that relies on one’s luck

Which sports is the No.1 sport in the United States?

  • Basketball
  • American football.
  • Bingo

In a rock band, you need three people. The three musical instruments mentioned are _____.

  • bass guitar, drum, violin
  • piano, guitar, drum
  • guitar, bass guitar, drum

Test 6-8

What didn’t Chris mention as one of his hobbies?

  • Singing
  • Swimming
  • Cooking
  • Skiing

How long did it take Chris to get a scuba diving license?

  • 2 years.
  • 3 years.
  • 10 months.
  • 1 year.

How long have Chris learned violin?

  • 8 years.
  • 7 years.
  • 6 years.
  • 9 years.

Which part didn’t Chris mentioned as an advantage about Ireland?

  • The food.
  • The water.
  • The form of houses.
  • The air.

Which part did the professor live in Spain?

  • West
  • South
  • North
  • East

Who does Chris live with in Beijing?

  • His father and brother.
  • His mother and sister.
  • His brother and sister.
  • His father and mother.

How could the professor made a sandwich?

  • Good.
  • Pretty well.
  • Barely.
  • Not bad.

When does Chris get up every day?

  • 6 o’clock.
  • 10 o’clock.
  • 8 o’ clock.
  • 5 o’clock.

How does the professor go to work?

  • By bike.
  • By bus.
  • On foot.
  • Drive.

How long does it take Chris to commute?

  • 3 hours.
  • 30 minutes.
  • 2 hours.
  • 1 hour.

Test 6-10

Gardening is ______. [Check all that apply]

  • a great way to keep you healthy
  • a great way to keep your lawn beautiful
  • landscape painting
  • a great daily exercise

What does Christine and her parents do with their vegetable patch? [Check all that apply]

  • Water the vegetable patch.
  • Weed the vegetable patch.
  • Cultivate mushrooms
  • Cultivate maize and beans
  • Fertilize the vegetable patch.

Which of the following flowers have Christine planted in her garden? [Check all that apply]

  • Roses.
  • Plums.
  • Sunflowers.
  • Cherries.
  • Lilies.

According to Mr. Davis, who will most probably be the singer of a rock band? [Check all that apply]

  • The guitarist
  • The one who plays bass guitar.
  • The one who plays drum.
  • Another person may sing.

Corin’s hobbies include _____. [Check all that apply]

  • climbing
  • building Lego
  • ancient history
  • drawing
  • ski

Which of the following hobbies was mentioned in this unit? [Check all that apply]

  • Painting.
  • Drawing comics.
  • Playing ping-pong.
  • Music.
  • Reading.
  • Photography.
  • Joining in a rock band.
  • Surfing.
  • Playing basketball.
  • Performing in a concert.
  • Gardening.
  • Playing football.
  • Movies.
  • Calligraphy.

Surfing is a great exercise and it is _____. [Check all that apply]

  • a bit relaxing
  • a lot of fun
  • harder than it looks
  • a good way of losing weight
  • popular only where there is a beach nearby

Week 07: Conversational English Skills Coursera Quiz Answers

Section 1: Vocabulary & Structure

In doing meditation we seek to be responsible ______ ourselves ______ our own inner sense of well-being.

  • …for…in…
  • …for…to…
  • …to…for…
  • …in…for…

______ she flatters me, ______ I like her. Flattering people are not real friends.

  • The less…the less…
  • The less…the more…
  • The more…the more…
  • The more…the less…

“How the West should cope with the rise of China in the world’s fierce economic and political competition is a million-dollar question.” What does “a million-dollar question” mean here?

  • A very important question that needs answering.
  • An expensive question.
  • A fake question.
  • A question impossible to answer.

Eldest children are the only ones to have experienced the ______ attention of their parents.

  • undivided
  • divided
  • undividing
  • dividing

You may be interviewed by more than one person, and throughout the interview you cannot just ______ eye contact ______ one individual.

  • maintain…for…
  • keep…for…
  • keep…to…
  • maintain…with…

I’m crazy ______ Italian food. I’m not ______ the mood ______ Indian food.

  • for…in…for
  • in…about…for
  • about…in…for…
  • about…about…to

Her speech ______ quite an impression ______ the audience.

  • had…on…
  • made…on…
  • made…for
  • had…for…

I’ve tried being friendly and shared some of my interesting life experiences ____ him but he ______ his distance.

  • with…makes…
  • for…makes…
  • for…keeps…
  • with…keeps…

He finally ______ his ambition to have a wide ______ of friends from all walks of life.

  • achieved…circle…
  • reached…cycle…
  • achieved…cycle…
  • reached…circle…

Is your dad a 21st Century Man? If so, ______ him ______ something he truly deserves this Father’s Day.

  • give…to…
  • treat…with…
  • give…for…
  • treat…to…
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