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Topic: Characteristics of Internet of Things (IoT)

Characteristics of IoT :
The no-need-to-know in terms of the underlying details of infrastructure, applications interface with the infrastructure via the APIs.The flexibility and elasticity allow these systems to scale up and down at will utilizing resources of all kinds CPU, storage, server capacity, load balancing, and databases The “pay as much as used and needed” type of utility computing and the “always on! anywhere and any place” type of network-based computing. The fundamental characteristics of the IoT are as follows:

  • Connectivity –
    Connectivity is an important requirement of the IoT infrastructure. Things of IoT should be connected to the IoT infrastructure. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can connect, this should be guaranteed at all times. For example, the connection between people through internet devices like mobile phones, and other gadgets, and also a connection between Internet devices such as routers, gateways, sensors, etc.                              
  • Intelligence and Identity – 
    The extraction of knowledge from the generated data is very important. For example, a sensor generates data, but that data will only be useful if it is interpreted properly. Each IoT device has a unique identity. This identification is helpful in tracking the equipment and at times for querying its status.
  • Scalability – 
    The number of elements connected to the IoT zone is increasing day by day. Hence, an IoT setup should be capable of handling the massive expansion. The data generated as an outcome is enormous, and it should be handled appropriately.
  • Dynamic and Self-Adapting (Complexity) –
    IoT devices should dynamically adapt themselves to the changing contexts and scenarios.  Assume a camera meant for surveillance. It should be adaptable to work in different conditions and different light situations (morning, afternoon, night).
  • Architecture – 
    IoT architecture cannot be homogeneous in nature. It should be hybrid, supporting different manufacturers ‘ products to function in the IoT network. IoT is not owned by anyone engineering branch. IoT is a reality when multiple domains come together.
  • Safety – 
    There is a danger of the sensitive personal details of the users getting compromised when all/her devices are connected to the internet. This can cause a loss to the user. Hence, data security is a major challenge. Besides, the equipment involved is huge. IoT networks may also be at the risk. Therefore, equipment safety is also critical.

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